Art on the Green

The 18th Annual Art on the Green event was held August 18 and 19.

Artists from Utah and Wyoming competed in the 2D and 3D art competition for 24 hours straight. In attendance were five high school competitors, seven amateurs, 14 semi-professionals, and 16 professionals.

The weekend began at 11 a.m. on Friday. All 42 competitors began the creative process in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, clay, airbrush, and more.

The following are the results from this weekend's Art on the Green event:

Artist Choice: Semi-Pro 2D

1st Place: Amanda Romero

2nd Place: Megan Beavers

3rd Place: Bryce Castillon

Artists Choice: Professional 2D

1st Place: Michelle Nixon

2nd Place: Shane Steiss

3rd Place: Ben Nathan

Artists Choice: Professional 3D

1st Place: Bryan Cordova

2nd Place: Jeff Rudolph

3rd Place: Gail Van Wagoner

Mayor's Choice Awards

Mayor's Choice 2D: Shane Steiss

Mayor's Choice 3D: Jeff Rudolph

Mayor's Choice High School:

Tyler Castillon

People's Choice Awards

People's Choice 2D: Tyrell Jasperson

People's Choice 3D: Bryan Cordova

Rudy Gunter Memorial Award

(2 awards)

Tyrell Jasperson and Bryan Cordova

Judge's Choice: High School 2D

1st Place: Emily Parker

2nd Place: Tyler Castillon

Judge's Choice: High School 3D

1st Place: Emily Brady

Judge's Choice: Amateur/Hobbyist 2D

1st Place: Madisyn Montoya

2nd Place: Shellena Beaver

Judge's Choice: Amateur/Hobbyist 3D

1st Place: Wyatt Christensen

2nd Place: Briana Jacobson

Judge's Choice: Semi-Pro 2D

1st Place: Halli Riskus

2nd Place: Melody Nathan

3rd Place: Megan Beavers

Judge's Choice: Professional 2D

(There was a tie for 2nd place -

no 3rd place was given)

1st Place: Shane Steiss

2nd Place: Ben Nathan

2nd Place: Michelle Nixon

Judge's Choice: Professional 3D

1st Place: Gail Van Wagoner

2nd Place: Bryan Cordova

3rd Place: Mary Shaw

Judge's Choice - Honorable Mention

Brooke Andreasen

Mary Parker

Debra Soule

The 8th annual Battle on the Green competition took place Friday night. The theme for each battle round was drawn by a member of the Green River Arts Council, and competitors had only five minutes to prepare. After five minutes of preparation, they had 30 minutes to create a work of art that was then judged by the community and a panel of judges from Trona Valley Federal Credit Union. 

The Judges' Choice for Battle on the Green was Jamie Green and the People's Choice went to Michelle Nixon.

The Green River Arts Council revealed the newest sculpture for the City of Green River, which was a Labradoodle made from reclaimed metal by the artist Jacob Novinger.

The Arts Council has asked the community to help name the sculpture. At a later date, there will be a ribbon cutting and name reveal for the sculpture.


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