Airstream Rally will have economic impact

The 66th Airstream Club International (ACI) Rally at the Sweetwater Events Complex in Rock Springs is attracting a staggering 2,800 Airstream enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. This remarkable event will take place from June 24 through July 1, and brings together a vibrant community of Airstream owners that will leave a lasting positive impact on the local economy.

The economic impact of the ACI Rally on the Sweetwater area is expected to be substantial, with the influx of 2,800 attendees and their accompanying support staff and family members. This robust participation will translate into increased spending on local accommodations, dining, transportation, and various goods and services. The expected spending in Sweetwater County during the 10-day rally is $2,632,500 (based on Wyoming Travel & Tourism 2022 Economic Impact of Travel Report).

The Sweetwater Events Complex, Airstream Club Team, Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Rock Springs worked together to ensure that the rally attendees will visit local restaurants, bars and shops while attending the rally. As part of their rally welcome packet, each rally attendee will receive $15 in Chamber Bucks to spend with local vendors. That’s almost $45,000 in Chamber Bucks that will be spent in the community during their stay.

Key highlights of the ACI Rally’s economic impact include:

- Accommodation: The event is prompting a surge in hotel bookings and campground reservations in and around Sweetwater County, with participants seeking comfortable and convenient lodging options during their stay. Local establishments are experiencing higher occupancy rates, generating significant revenue for the hospitality sector. In addition to the International Rally the Airstream Club has interest groups and clubs that host smaller events before and after the event all around the region.

- Dining and Entertainment: Rally attendees will patronize numerous local restaurants, cafes, and eateries, relishing the diverse culinary offerings of Sweetwater. This culinary boost will provide attendees with memorable dining experiences but also fuel the local restaurant industry.

- Retail and Services: The presence of Airstream enthusiasts will spark an increased demand for a variety of goods and services, including shopping for supplies, equipment, and souvenirs. Local businesses and vendors will experience heightened sales and a noticeable uptick in foot traffic, contributing to the economic vibrancy.

The ACI Rally would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of the Airstream Club International, the dedicated organizers, and the support from the local community. The Sweetwater Events Complex is grateful to all those involved in making this event a resounding triumph. 

Large events such as the ACI Rally are a great way to introduce people from across the country to Sweetwater County. Often visitors to these rallies are involved in other groups and are business owners. Inviting them into our county and showcasing our assets is the first step in getting people to schedule return visits or even relocate or open a business in Sweetwater County.


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