Marriage licenses recorded at the Sweetwater County Courthouse from April 10 to May 26:

Wesley Robert Burchett, 29, to Dusti Rose Bryant, 28, both of Rock Springs.

John Thomas Lane, 52, to Ginny Lynn Slaugh, 33, both of Green River.

Joshua Allen Powell, 40, to Haaley Ann (Thullen) Carmine, 37, both of Rock Springs.

David Joseph Soller, 62, to Catherine Mayme (Hannah) Johnson, 56, both of Rock Springs.

James Gage Richardson, 21, of Rock Springs, to Megan Theresa Willis, 20, of Green River.

Henry Leonard Reynolds, 70, to Lucia Helena (Rodriques Cid) Cid Povoa, 70, both of Rock Springs.

James Doyle Dean Trolin, 19, to Taylie Deeann McQueen, 18, both of Rock Springs.

Edward Dale Coplin, 50, to Shamra Marie (Craven) Zancanella, 37, both of Green River.

Steven Lee Scates, 28, to Tristy Shi (Ancheta) Tripp Richards, 29, both of Green River.

Nicholas David Michael Williams, 29, to Kaylee Rose Alles, 28, both of Rock Springs.

Jerrod Glenn Hall, 43, of Rock Springs, to Laura Elizabeth (Hull) Snyder, 46, of Lovell.

Ryun Quinn Trevino, 25, to Darby Darien Woffinden, 25, both of Green River.

Bruce Matthew King, 19, of Green River, to Elyssa Rae Byers, 18, of Evanston.

Phillip Michael Doug Etier, 30, to Bethany Jade Armstrong, 39, both of Rock Springs.

Kevin Lee Cantrell, 56, to Diane Elizabeth (Ware) Jennings, 52, both of Rock Springs.

Andrew Lou Penamora, 32, to Maggie Dalene, 32, both of Green River.

Christin Lawrence Seymour, 47, to Amanda Rose Vogel, 29, both of Rock Springs.

Joshua Douglas Hemker, 36, of Green River, to Kayla Dayle Carmine, 30, of Rock Springs.

Jacob Edward Squire, 37, to Margett Jo (Bass) Marshall, 50, both of Birch Tree.

Drew Ryan Wilson, 24, to Calie Leeann Cox, 23, both of Rock Springs.

Hunter James Keierleber, 23, to Bralynn Shae Heuck, 21, both of Rock Springs.

Kyle Jasper Russell, 38, to Emily Khasmira Ruckdeschel, 29, both of Sandpoint.

Victoria (Perez) Perez, 28, to Madison Raquel (Mellor) Mellor, 28, both of Rock Springs.

Jamie Andrew Cleveland, 41, to Mary Gayle (Davis) Carr, 42, both of Rock Springs.

Isaiah Keith Thompson, 37, to Brooke Elizabeth (Wettstein) Wilcock, 31, both of Rock Springs.

Blake Thomas Waite, 24, to Shyana Nowell Hunt, 24, both of Green River.

Alexander Scott Barker, 26, of Rock Springs, to Chaparal Joan Clarke, 26, of Lyman.

Christian Bobby James Clark, 24, to Alexis Pearl Manibusan Mcvay, 23, both of Rock Springs.

Joseph Owen Gibbs, 35, to Courtney Rae McDonald, 30, both of Rock Springs.

Hector Arnoldo Quinonez Baca, 31, to Cherie Dawn Searle, 35, both of Rock Springs.

Justin Clark Harrison, 32, to Aubree Dawn Morgan, 25, both of Rock Springs.

Jason Ray Goodart, 36, to Jaicee Danielle Thomas, 29, both of Rock Springs.

Joseph Roger Sims, 22, to Rochelle Lynn Taylor, 22, both of Green River.

Barry Authur Nofsinger, 50, to Sarah Deanne (Godfrey) Rodda, 43, both of Rock Springs.

Ian Russell Blount, 37, to Frances Marie (Parrill) Kail, 51, both of Rock Springs.

David Galvan Alvarez, 36, to Sara Castillo Rocha, 30, both of Rock Springs.

Benjamin James Galster, 25, of New Ipswich, to Ceylan Rose Gunduz, 23 of Rock Springs.

Nathan Paul Wonnacott, 30, to Mikayla Therese Larrow, 29, both of Rock Springs.


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