ACLU of Wyoming opposes anti-abortion bills

Released March 17

Tonight, Gov. Mark Gordon signed into law one bill to ban medication abortion and indicated he will let another near-complete ban become law without his signature. 

The ACLU of Wyoming opposed Senate File 109, legislation that prohibits medication abortion, and House Bill 152, legislation that bans abortion care with limited exceptions and will take effect if last year’s abortion law is found unconstitutional.

 The following statement can be attributed to Antonio Serrano, ACLU of Wyoming advocacy director:

 “A person’s health, not politics, should guide important medical decisions – including the decision to have an abortion. 

“Abortion is safe, common and essential. Deeply private, personal and unique decisions about abortion should be made by pregnant people in consultation with their doctors – who should be able to treat their patients according to their best medical judgement. What is right for one family may not be right for another.

“Everyone deserves the right to control their own bodies and to make their own decisions about their lives and futures, free from punishment, judgment or political interference. Gov. Gordon’s decisions regarding Senate File 109 and House Bill 152 are disappointing, but the fight for abortion rights in Wyoming isn’t over. We will continue to challenge efforts contrary to our right to make our own reproductive health care decisions.”


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