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Spring Sports Preview: New season, new coach for Boys Soccer


March 16, 2023

Stephanie Peterson

Stone Rubeck

The Green River Wolves Boys Soccer team has started practices, and the team is looking forward to their first competition on March 24 and 25 at the Pinnacle Cup in Pinedale.

With the new season, the boys now have a new coach to lead them. Josh Webb has stepped up to be the head coach for Green River this year. Webb has brought a lot of experience to the team as he has been couching for over 10 years in different positions. He started coaching in Mountain View and then coached the Avengers and the 307 Club Soccer and was an assistant and head coach for the Olympic Development Program in Wyoming. Coach Webb explained that he also holds a US Soccer C coaching license, which means he can coach at the college level.

"I put a lot into my coaching license," said Coach Webb. "I think as the team grows, the boys get older, and it's important for me to grow as a coach and have a growth mindset."

This is the first time Webb has coached high school sports and he is excited about the new experience. He has been very fortunate and his employer has really worked with him to make sure he can spend time with the athletes for practices.

Coach Webb has been working on the technical side of the sport, getting to know all the players and evaluating the athletes so he can make sure to put them in the right environment so they can develop, whether that's on Junior Varsity or Varsity.

One of the goals for the team this year is to "get them to slow down a little bit," explained Coach Webb, and "take it one game at a time." He says there is definitely a lot of talent on the team, with about 15 Varsity players.

"I think we could be a team to compete at any level," explained Coach Webb. "I think we will do very well this year."

It is very exciting for Green River to be able to host the State Soccer Tournament this year, and Coach Webb is hoping they will have the opportunity to compete. He feels it would be a great experience for the boys.

Coach Webb would like to add that he is very fortunate to have a great coaching staff working with him. The assistant coaches are Tina Rodriguez and Toby Trumble and volunteers Greg Doak and Perri Rubeck. Coach Webb is also grateful for programs like the Green River Spurs in Green River and the Avengers in Rock Springs that have helped the athletes excel in soccer, and he is pleased with the coaches who run those programs.

"They have helped make my job a bit easier," added Coach Webb.

The Wolves will host their first home game on Friday, March 31 against Pinedale at 5 p.m. On April 6 at 5 p.m. they will host another game against Mountain View. The State Soccer Tournament will take place in Green River this year, May 18 through 20.


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