Speech and Debate team brings home wins from across the state

The Green River High School Speech and Debate team has kept busy this month, traveling across the state to compete in multiple tournaments - and bringing home a championship title, a coaching award, and multiple individual wins.

The first weekend in the new year, the team traveled to Thermopolis for the Bobcat Invitational hosted by Hot Springs County High School. The Wolves took second place overall in the 3A Sweepstakes and had students take first in five out of six events.

The teamed headed to Worland the weekend of Jan. 14 for the Worlando Beach Tournament. The Wolves once again took second place in 3A Sweepstakes, missing first place by only five points. They also had several team members come home with first place finishes again.

During the Worlando Beach Tournament, Head Coach Dan Parson became the first ever recipient of the Herr T Coach Award.

"I was very humbled to receive this award today for dedication to Speech and Debate," Parson shared on Facebook. "It's named after my mentor, Kevin 'Herr T' Tonkovich. One of the best and most interesting men I have ever known. This was a very good day indeed."

Even more success was ahead for the Wolves, who made their way to Jackson last weekend and came home with the championship, taking first place in 3A Sweepstakes during the Jackson Mustang Classic.

Bobcat Invitational Individual Results

Poetry: Leo Evans, sixth

Oratory: Savery English, first, and Abby Smith, fourth

Drama: Abby Smith, first, and Mason Tollefson, third

Lincoln Douglas: William Robinson, first, and Faith Duncan, third

Policy Debate: Jordann Poling and Lukas Bagshaw, first

Extemporaneous: Faith Duncan, first, and James Leffers, third

Worlando Beach Individual Results

Poetry: Jasper Kennah, fourth, and Leo Evans, fifth

Info: Bekalyn Swett, third

Extemporaneous: Faith Duncan, first

Drama: Abby Smith, fifth

Oratory: Abby Smith, second, and Savery English, fourth

POI: Laural Kurth, fourth

Impromptu: Laural Kurth

Lincoln Douglas: Faith Duncan, first, Kaylee Noyes, third, and Laural Kurth, third

Policy Debate: Jordann Poling and Lukas Bagshaw, first

Jackson Mustang Classic Individual Results

Humor: Kyra Holmes, fifth

Poetry: MaKynzee Bagshaw, first, and Jasper Kennah, second

Lincoln Douglas: James Leffers, second

POI: Jasper Kennah, fifth

Drama: Ellie Taylor, third, and Abby Smith, fourth

Oratory: Abby Smith, second, and Savery English, fourth

Informative: Bekalyn Swett, fourth

Extemporaneous: James Leffers, first

Congress: James Lukas Bagshaw, second

Policy Debate: Kenzie Irons and Lukas Bagshaw, third 

Async Events:

Original Spoken Word Poetry: MaKynzee Bagshaw, fifth, and Jessica Owens, sixth

Editorial Commentary: James Leffers, second, and Brianna Page, eighth

Prose: Brianna page, third

Creative Storytelling: Jessica Owens, sixth


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