Swimmers snag a tie with Kelly Walsh in Laramie

The Green River Wolves Boys Swimming and Diving team made impressive finishes after two intense days of competition. The first day of races in Laramie was back-to-back relays with 11 teams competing. The Wolves tied Kelly Walsh for fourth place, trailing Laramie, Cheyenne Central and Sheridan. Top finishers Keegan Gailey and Braxton Cordova earned first place in the One Meter Diving event.

On Saturday, the Wolves competed in the Laramie Pentathlon with the same 11 teams. Pentathlons are a combined-event meet where a swimmer swims five different events and the swimmer with the lowest combined times is the meet winner. The five events are: 100 Yard Freestyle, 100 Yard Backstroke, 100 Yard Breaststroke, 100 Yard Butterfly and 50 Yard Freestyle. Green River had five swimmers finish in the top 50: Brady Young, Ryan Fischer, Zeke Reading, Aiden Zimmerman and Colin Gilmore. Green River also had four divers that gained points for the Wolves: River Kirts, Kyle Kight, Keegan Gailey, and Johnny Renfro. They brought home a well-deserved third place.

"I am very pleased with the way they swam this weekend," said Head Coach Colleen Seiloff.

She feels they held up very well against the 4A teams this year and Green River is starting to get some great all-around swimmers.

"They are not just one-event swimmers, which is good," said Seiloff. "We can take them and throw them into different events. We have some more work to do, but we are getting there."

Several swimmers on the team are returning and already showing improvement.

"Our sophomores that were on the team last year came in at or better than what they were swimming at the end of the year last year," Seiloff said. "So that was really nice."

Seiloff explained that Green River has already picked up eight qualifiers from last weekend. She is also excited because some of the swimmers are very close to qualifying and she thinks they could pick up more this weekend.

Green River will be hosting the Green River Invite on December 16 and 17.

Friday, December 9

LARAMIE RELAYS – Campbell County, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South, Green River, Kelly Walsh, Laramie, Natrona County, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Thunder Basin

200 Yard Medley Relay

8. GRHS A 2:02.23 (Logan Wadsworth, Aiden Zimmerman, Trace Erdmann, Ashton Hafner)

15. GRHS B 2:19.41 (Brandon Sanchez Frey, Kyle Kight, Dallan Owens, Vance Lauriski-Adams)

500 Yard Free Relay

2. GRHS A 4:44.65 (Keegan Gaily, Ryan Fischer, Colin Gilmore, Brady Young)

10. GRHS B 5:47.95 (Trace Erdmann, Ashton Hafner, Logan Gray, Logan Wadsworth)

400 Yard Medley Relay

5. GRHS A 4:17.50 (Zeke Reading, Brady Young, Ryan Fischer, Colin Gilmore)

200 Yard Free Relay

18. GRHS B 2:16.17 (Joe Renfro, CJ Coleman, Kaiden Dodson, Brandon Sanchez Frey)

1 Meter Diving

1. Keegan Gailey, Braxton Cordova, 222.65

3. Kyle Kight, River Kirts, 176.70

200 Yard Butterfly Relay

5. GRHS A 1:54.44 (Zeke Reading, Aiden Zimmerman, Ryan Fischer, Trace Erdmann)

Boys 13-14 200 Yard

Free Relay

4. GRHS A 2:14.86 (Vance Lauriski-Adams, Kaiden Dodson, Johnny Renfro, CJ Coleman)

100 Yard Free Relay

7. GRHS A 50.85 (Dallan Owens, Keegan Gaily, Logan Gray, Ashton Hafner)

11. GRHS B 59.65 (Joe Renfro, Kaiden Dodson, CJ Coleman, River Kirts)

200 Yard Backstroke Relay

5. GRHS A 2:02.53 (Logan Wadsworth, Aiden Zimmerman, Colin Gilmore, Ashton Hafner)

9. GRHS B 2:29.59 (Brandon Sanchez Frey, Kaiden Dodson, Joe Renfro, Vance Lauriski-Adams)

200 Yard Breaststroke Relay

6. GRHS A 2:17.99 (Zeke Reading, Brady Young, Logan Gray, Aiden Zimmerman)

12. GRHS B 2:50.89 (Dallan Owens, Trace Erdmann, Logan Wadsworth, Kyle Kight)

400 Yard Free Relay

3. GRHS A 3:39.35 (Ryan Fischer, Colin Gilmore, Zeke Reading, Brady Young)

11. GRHS B 4:39.40 (Vance Lauriski-Adams, Logan Gray, Dallan Owens, Brandon Sanchez Frey)

Team Scores

Laramie: 440

Cheyenne Central: 428

Sheridan: 410

Green River & Kelly Walsh: 400

Cheyenne East: 272

Rock Springs: 216

Cheyenne South: 184

Campbell County: 152

Natrona County: 90

Saturday, December 10


Top 50 Swimmers

Combined Event Results

5. Young 4:27.58

19. Fischer 4:40.70

22. Reading, 4:41.55

42. Zimmerman, 5:02.27

49. Gilmore, 5:11.20

1 Meter Diving

3. River Kirts, 219.70

5. Kyle Kight, 199.75

6. Keegan Gaily, 185.85

12. Johnny Renfro, 126.80

Team Scores 

Laramie: 178

Cheyenne Central: 126

Green River: 88

Kelly Walsh: 79

Cheyenne South: 58

Rock Springs: 56

Sheridan: 45

Campbell County: 22


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