Travelers get the help they need through TASSC

Imagine stopping at the rest area between Laramie and Cheyenne, where the monument to Abraham Lincoln is located. After your tour of the site you return to the parking lot to continue your journey. You are horrified to discover that your vehicle is gone, along with everything you own.

This actually happened to a couple this past summer. They had packed their car and were headed west for a new chance at life. Fortunately, miracles soon began to happen in their life. A stranger gave them a ride into Laramie where they made contact with the Laramie Police Department. The police were helpful in finding the car in Rock Springs.

Again, there was someone headed west that gave them a ride to Rock Springs, and took them to their car. They soon discovered that the reason it was abandoned in Rock Springs was because of a broken serpentine belt.

At that point they made contact with the Traveler’s Assistance Society of Sweetwater County (TASSC), where they met Reverend Richard Carlson. Reverend Carlson knew someone that would fix the belt, for no fee, and parts were available locally. While they were awaiting the repairs TASSC was able to provide vouchers for them to use for with a meal, lodging and then when the car was ready they were given fuel to keep traveling.

This is one example of many that occur in Sweetwater County. TASSC is available to help people passing through our area that have unmet needs. In addition to a night’s lodging, a meal, and fuel, TASSC is also able to help with bus tickets for east and west travel. In 2021 a storage unit was built as an Eagle Scout project. The shed has proven to be a blessing to TASSC as they can now store coats, winter gear and occasionally have socks to hand out. All of the help is provided by vouchers with local vendors. No money is given out and no portion of the vouchers can be used for tobacco products, alcohol or pet food.

From January 1 to October 31, 2022, TASSC was able to help 224 individuals and 79 families. Donations through October 31 amounted to $20,332.87.

Travelers Assistance Society of Sweetwater County is a local nonprofit in Sweetwater County. Due to the many travelers through our area, some people will need help and assistance along their way. Through the generous donations and support of various community members, individually, and through churches in Green River and Rock Springs, TASSC is able to provide some lodging, gas, food, bus tickets, and other goods as needed. All of the assistance is given with discretion and concern for the overall well-being of the individual.

If you would like the mission of TASSC to continue, you may donate through pay pal, or by check to TASSC, PO Box 1194, Green River, WY. All contributions are tax deductible and a receipt is mailed to each donor. Appreciation is also expressed to those who designate TASSC as their United Way pledge form. Please note that all TASSC records are open to the public. More information is available by phone at 307-362-8910.

The next time you see someone, or a family, out of gas along the highway, know that you might have helped them by making a donation to TASSC.


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