Future wrestlers

The Green River High School Wrestling team has been hosting youth wrestling camps for boys and girls during the month of November.

The program started with "Wolves in the Schools" at Washington, Monroe, Harrison and Truman Elementary schools during their Physical Education classes from November 1 through 4. Students had the chance to learn how the sport of wrestling works.

The Wolves wrestlers also focused on teaching wrestling techniques to the boys and girls that are from kindergarten to fifth grade. They were separated into four different groups and each group worked with one of the four elementary schools. The high schoolers would go to the elementary schools after school and help the young kids to develop their wrestling techniques.

"The camp has been a huge success and they have seen more kids join this year than any other year," said Rachel Todd, one of the team booster parents. "It is super exciting to see the sport grow in our town."

Last Friday, live wrestling matches were hosted at Green River High School. This gave campers a practice run for the tournament that would take place Saturday.

With over 200 kids signing up, the gyms have been packed. The young athletes have had so much fun and had an amazing learning experience at the same time.

The Wolves also continued practices with the wrestling campers throughout this week at their designated schools.

"I have always enjoyed Junior Wolves camp," said Head Coach Josh Wisniewski. "I think kids just naturally want to wrestle and this is a great outlet for them. Our high school wrestlers have done a great job working with these young student athletes. We are very proud of the hard work they have put into this program to give the elementary students a time to learn about the sport of wrestling, compete for their school and to have fun. We want them to have pride in their respective schools and enjoy a little competition at the end with the City Championships."

The Wolves will host the Green River City Championships for the young wrestlers to give them an opportunity to see what it's like to wrestle in a real tournament. The elementary schools will be competing against each other. The championships will take place at 9 a.m. this Saturday at Lincoln Middle School.


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