By Katie Duncombe
Recreation Program Supervisor 

17th annual Art on the Green event


August 25, 2022

Star photo by Jackie Finch

Jamie Green gets ready to work on her painting Friday evening at the Art on the Green. Green is a semi-professional 2D artist and won one of the People's Choice awards this year.

The 17th annual Art on the Green event held August 19 and 20 was well received by the community. Forty-five artists from Utah and Wyoming competed in the 2D and 3D Art competition for 24 hours straight. The weekend began with a bang at 11 a.m. on Friday. All competitors began the creative process in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, clay, airbrush and more. The following are the results from this weekend's Art on the Green event.

Artists' Choice

Professional 2D

1st place: Jill Hartley

2nd place: Tyrell Jasperson

3rd place: Michael Parker

Semi-Professional 2D

1st place: Mary Parker

2nd place: Ben Nathan

3rd place: Bryce Castillon

Professional 3D

1st place: Jeff Rudolph

2nd place: Mont Crosland

3rd place: Mary Shaw

Non-Professional 3D

1st place: Wayne Kertz

2nd place: Aiden Shultz

Mayor's Choice Awards

Mia Rosas

Bryce Castillon

Andrew Kneeland

People's Choice

2D: Jamie Green

3D: Mary Shaw

Judges' Choice Results

High School 2D

1st place: Tyler Castillon

2nd place: Natalie Parker

High School 3D

1st place: Maya Wiekhorst

2nd place: Mia Rosas

Amateur 2D

1st place: Brooke Andreasen

2nd place: Mariah McDowell

Semi-Professional 2D

1st place: Ben Nathan

2nd place: Amanda Romero

3rd place: Bryce Castillon

Non-Professional 3D

1st place: Aiden Schultz

2nd place: Wayne Kertz

Professional 2D

1st place: Michael Parker

2nd place: Jill Hartley

Star photo by Jackie Finch

Wayne Kertz, a non-professional 3D artist, works on his sculpture at the Art on the Green Friday evening.

3rd place: Scott Blume

Professional 3D

1st place: Mary Shaw

2nd place: Mont Crosland

3rd place: Jeff Rudolph

Rudy Gunter

Memorial Award

Chad Spalding

Other associated events included the 7th Annual Battle on the Green competition which kicked off on Friday at 4:30 p.m. with nine competitors painting head to head. A theme for each battle round was drawn by a member of the Green River Arts Council and competitors had only five minutes to prepare. After the five minutes of preparation, they had 30 minutes to create a work of art that was then judged by the community and a panel of judges. The judges' choice for Battle on the Green was Brooke Andreasen and the People's Choice went to Andrew Kneeland.


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