17th annual Art on the Green event

The 17th annual Art on the Green event held August 19 and 20 was well received by the community. Forty-five artists from Utah and Wyoming competed in the 2D and 3D Art competition for 24 hours straight. The weekend began with a bang at 11 a.m. on Friday. All competitors began the creative process in a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, clay, airbrush and more. The following are the results from this weekend's Art on the Green event.

Artists' Choice

Professional 2D

1st place: Jill Hartley

2nd place: Tyrell Jasperson

3rd place: Michael Parker

Semi-Professional 2D

1st place: Mary Parker

2nd place: Ben Nathan

3rd place: Bryce Castillon

Professional 3D

1st place: Jeff Rudolph

2nd place: Mont Crosland

3rd place: Mary Shaw

Non-Professional 3D

1st place: Wayne Kertz

2nd place: Aiden Shultz

Mayor's Choice Awards

Mia Rosas

Bryce Castillon

Andrew Kneeland

People's Choice

2D: Jamie Green

3D: Mary Shaw

Judges' Choice Results

High School 2D

1st place: Tyler Castillon

2nd place: Natalie Parker

High School 3D

1st place: Maya Wiekhorst

2nd place: Mia Rosas

Amateur 2D

1st place: Brooke Andreasen

2nd place: Mariah McDowell

Semi-Professional 2D

1st place: Ben Nathan

2nd place: Amanda Romero

3rd place: Bryce Castillon

Non-Professional 3D

1st place: Aiden Schultz

2nd place: Wayne Kertz

Professional 2D

1st place: Michael Parker

2nd place: Jill Hartley

3rd place: Scott Blume

Professional 3D

1st place: Mary Shaw

2nd place: Mont Crosland

3rd place: Jeff Rudolph

Rudy Gunter

Memorial Award

Chad Spalding

Other associated events included the 7th Annual Battle on the Green competition which kicked off on Friday at 4:30 p.m. with nine competitors painting head to head. A theme for each battle round was drawn by a member of the Green River Arts Council and competitors had only five minutes to prepare. After the five minutes of preparation, they had 30 minutes to create a work of art that was then judged by the community and a panel of judges. The judges' choice for Battle on the Green was Brooke Andreasen and the People's Choice went to Andrew Kneeland.


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