New director comes to Child Developmental Center

The Board of Directors of Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center recently announced their new Executive Director Lori Lucero.

Lori comes to SCCDC with twenty-four years of special education experience within the public school and early intervention education settings. Lori earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Tulsa, graduating magna cum laude.

With a background in speech-language pathology, Lori has also received teaching certifications for deaf/hard of hearing and English. 

Lori has served populations of clientele with varying delays and disorders from the ages of birth to 90 but specializes in pediatrics. 

In addition to the public school setting, Lori has provided contractual clinical services in the pediatric setting, in a children's hospital, in home health, in skilled nursing facilities as well as has provided pediatric care through her own private practice. 

Lori has taught graduate and undergraduate level university courses. She has prior experience with Medicaid billing, special education compliance, service coordination for related services and other administrative duties within the public schools. 

In addition, Lori has been an active member of various community events and fundraisers in both Oklahoma and Wyoming and has written and received numerous educational and professional grants throughout her career.

"We are excited to welcome her to our team," the board stated in a press release.

The Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center Board of Directors includes Chairman Brenda Roosa, Vice Chairman Carrie Fisher, Joan McLaren, Ashley Snyder, Tatiana LaFond and Regina Clark.


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