Mine rescue national champions

Four local mine rescue teams from Genesis Alkali and Sisecam recently competed at the annual Mine Safety Health Administration National Mine Rescue Competition in Lexington, Kentucky.

Every team came away with at least one first place win, with both teams from Genesis coming away with "a boatload of top awards," according to Genesis Director of Communications David Caplan.

The Genesis Blue team was the overall winner of the entire competition, beating 20 other teams from mines across the nation. Because of their first place win, the Genesis Blue team was invited to compete at the upcoming International Mine Rescue Competition.

"We're all very proud of our 18 Genesis Alkali miners who represented Genesis Alkali at the event and demonstrated why we continue to be among the mining industry safety leaders," Caplan said.

The national competition was held Aug. 8 - 11. Teams competed in tech, bench, first aid, and field competitions, with the overall winners ranked based on the combined scores of the other competitions. Scores are calculated from the number of deductions each team receives for mistakes made during competition, so the team with the lowest total wins.

Overall Winners

1. Genesis Blue

3. Genesis Teal

7. Sisecam Blue

13. Sisecam White

Technician Competition

1. Sisecam Blue, Rich Clark

6. Genesis Teal, Paul Nelson

10. Sisecam White, Kevin Mattinson

12. Genesis Blue, Dan Flom

Bench BG4 Competition

1. Sisecam White, Zach Boylen

2. Genesis Teal, Kory Potter

3. Sisecam Blue, Kael Brady

4. Genesis Blue, Greg Thompson

6. Sisecam White, Kendrick Wilson

8. Sisecam Blue, Joe Wamsley

21. Genesis Blue, Dan Flom

23. Genesis Teal, Eloy Aguayo

First Aid Competition

1. Genesis Teal, Captain Ted Kalista

5. Sisecam Blue, Captain Dustin Smith

7. Genesis Blue, Captain Dan Romero

10. Sisecam White, Captain Zach Cary

Mine Rescue Field Competition

2. Genesis Blue, Captain Robert Pope

4. Genesis Teal, Captain Peter Behling

11. Sisecam Blue, Captain Kael Brady

14. Sisecam White, Captain Paul Larson


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