Letter to the Editor: Questions for new Republicans

Dear Editor,

Well… The Wyoming Primary is coming around again (like it does every 2 years).  We get to decide who is running for the Democrat and Republican tickets.  This is the most important election for the State of Wyoming, even though is a Primary.

Currently, we have some newly minted Republicans (from the Democrat Party) running in August 16, 2022 Primary:

Rob Slaughter, running for County Commissioner, is a new Republican of several months.  He was a died-in-the-wool Democrat during the 45 years I have lived in Sweetwater County. Jeff Ramj, Jeff Smith and Bill Formanek, now candidates running for county commissioner, are new minted Republicans of 6, 4 and 3 years respectively.

Duane Pacheco, running for sheriff, registered as a Republican 4 years ago.  He is the past Police Chief of Police in Rock Springs.  I understand that he wants to bring a carpetbagger from out of state to be an undersheriff.

Anita Frey, candidate running for county clerk, registered as a Republican 5 years ago.

Annette Eychner, running for clerk of district court, registered as a Republican 3 years ago.

Jennifer Jones, (senate district 60) moved and registered in Sweetwater County 1 year ago. She moved from out-of-state to Cheyenne and registered in 2018.

Now… My questions are:

If the Democrat Party is so much better that the Republican Party, why did you just recently switch?  Is this a switch of convenience to run in Sweetwater County Republican Primary or a true conversion to Republican Principles? Have you abandoned chaos of the Democratic Party or are you a fake Republican or a Rhino?

Will you be just another carpetbagger and bring in people from out of state to positions within the government?  We have a Congresswoman who still licensed to practice law in Virginia and still lives there. She then proclaims, ”I represent Wyoming people”. Really??!!

There are several long time Republicans who are now running. These people help build up the Republican Party in Sweetwater County for more than 8 years.   Some of them are: Island Richards (28 years), Keaton West (17 years), Chris Davis (10 years), Roy Lloyd (8 years) for county commissioner, John Grossnickle (26 years) for sheriff, Cindy Lane (26 years) for county Clerk, Mark Cowan (18 years) for county treasurer, Perri Rubeck (10 years) for county assessor, DonnaLee Bobak (32 years clerk of district court, Stacy Jones (26 years) for senate district 13, Tony Niemiec (14 years) for senate district 60, Scott Heiner (25 years).  When I moved to Sweetwater County in 1975, there were very few Republicans. These are the people who help build the Republican brand.

National politics and policies are hurting people in Wyoming:  The high gas prices, high grocery prices, Inflation, Critical Race Theory and loss of quality educational opportunities, new Pandemic shutdowns, loss of good, high paying jobs, Red Flag laws and loss of the right to own a gun, rising crime and no bail laws, criminals roaming the streets …

This Primary election is the most consequential in years.   Your vote makes a difference. Get to know our candidates; are they conservative?  Will they be responsive to people here in Sweetwater County. We need to preserve our conservative vote.

How fed up are you with Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney?

Remember to VOTE in the Primary on August 16, 2022!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rose March

Green River


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