A Marine's homecoming

The Green River Police Department has a Marine joining their ranks.

Monday, new recruit Jennie Kordus received her badge and was welcomed into the fold. A 2013 graduate of Green River High School, she returns to her hometown after spending the last eight years in the Marines. Kordus said she initially wanted to go into a career in healthcare, but the amount of time she would have spent in college caused her to seek another path. She started looking into enlisting in the armed forces and decided to join the marines. Kordus, seeking a profession that would translate well in the civilian world, decided to work in military police.

The Marines took Kordus far from her home in Green River. She served as a guard for Marine Helicopter Squadron One, which is responsible for the President of the United States' helicopter transport. She then was stationed at Camp Hansen in Okinawa, Japan as a field MP, where she admits she missed life in the U.S.

"You get a deeper appreciation of what's available in the U.S.," she said.

Her final station was at the Pentagon, working in the security detail for the Secretary of the Navy. Regardless of where the Marines took her, Kordus said she always knew she would return to Green River.

"This has always been home, no matter where I was," she said. "I knew that one day, I would come back home and work in my hometown."

Kordus kept anything that reminded her of Green River as she served, including a hand-drawn image of the Palisades she created while in high school.

"Anything that reminded me of home, I just kept it with me," she said.

In March, she decided to plan the next chapter of her life. While on leave, she started exploring what a law enforcement career would look like and rode along with officers and deputies during their shifts. During these ride alongs, her conversations with the GRPD began.

A few months later, after being placed on terminal leave, she rented a moving van and drove from Virginia to Green River with her brother. A month later, Green River City Administrator Reed Clevenger issued her the officers' oath.

Following the ceremony, several officers congratulated her and introduced themselves, welcoming her into the fold. Kordus said the family-like atmosphere within the GRPD is one of the main reasons she decided to apply there.

"I've always been told Green River has been a family-oriented department," she said.

"That's not just talk, they really do care about their people."

Kordus said she likes to stay busy and has several goals set for herself as she transitions to civilian life.

She will begin a dual degree program that will award her an associates and a bachelors degree in criminal justice. She also plans to join the Wyoming Air National Guard after her active service with the Marines officially ends.


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