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By David Martin

The eyes just don't have it anymore


September 2, 2021

There comes a point when we realize we’re getting older, and with that, a realization that the body isn’t performing as optimally as we would like.

We see this in sports all the time. Athletes with seemingly superhuman abilities eventually lose their gifts to the passage of time.

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time to a certain generation of people who grew up watching him play with the Chicago Bulls. However, those same people tend to forget about his years with the Washington Wizards.

Muhammad Ali, a boxer with universal name recognition 40 years after his final fight, couldn’t withstand the rigors of time and his profession. All of us will face the fact that something has changed and we have to compensate for it.

That realization hit me hard last week, after realizing I did not see a pair of horns coming up from a young deer’s head and identified said deer as a doe in a cutline.

What’s worse, I didn’t even notice them while I was taking photos of the little guy in the first place.

Yeah, that’s pretty embarrassing.

Perhaps a career where I have focused on looking at various screens is turning my eyes to jelly?

Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much time reading text on my cell phone and iPad or playing video games as often as I do? Perhaps it was a moment of carelessness that I’m over thinking?

I ended up scheduling an appointment with an optometrist all the same — I’m thinking my glasses need to be a bit thicker.

The thought of otherwise wandering around like Mr. Magoo is going to be nightmare fuel for the foreseeable future.


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