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By David Martin

Susan Gore, where's the beef?


“Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich? A wish sandwich is when you have two slices of bread and you wish you had some meat.” That is from a song titled “Rubber Biscuit.”

I’m reminded of that line after reading Susan Gore’s response to recent articles about her involvement in a espionage operation aimed at Democrats and other organizations in three states, including Wyoming. She refers to articles published by the New York Times and as a “nothingburger,” saying it is all a disinformation campaign and attempted character assassination.

However, the most important piece of her nothingburger claim is missing -- the why and what.

For example, why the reporting is disinformation or what pieces of information she takes issue with. What is this “truth” she only gives a passing mention to? Answering those questions should be the two all-beef patties of her response. Instead, we’re left with a couple of buns smeared with special sauce spiced with claims that journalists can target anyone and twist information to fit some unnamed agenda. It’s hardly anything that provides sustenance to an argument against the reporting.

I have no trouble sending this back to the chef. If Gore wants her claims to be taken seriously, she has to address issues the reporting has raised and provide factual information contradicting that reporting. She should also answer why she decided not to provide comment to reporters working on those stories.

Without any of that, there’s only one question to ask: Where’s the beef?


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