Our View: Tax is a needed

We are well aware the idea of any tax isn’t popular and we understand why.

Any sales tax represents a few more dollars out of our pockets that would otherwise go to groceries, gas or the monthly streaming bill. However, we don’t see any other way out of another 1% sales tax. It is either that or no ambulance service.

Ambulance funding has long been an issue for the county, with the Sweetwater County Commissioners opting not to continue paying subsidies for the service. This comes from declining revenue that has forced budget cuts throughout the various county organizations.

We need an ambulance service in the county as a matter of public safety, as a matter of economic development and as a matter of being an attractive community. Who would want to move to a place that cannot provide an ambulance service?

We also understand why the Rock Springs City Council decided not to support the special election resolution when the Green River City Council and Sweetwater County Commissioners did and we agree with Commissioner Roy Lloyd when he says everyone involve is rushing towards a special election. We would argue it’s almost too fast, yet the larger question that looms is this: What other choice do we have?

The county and the cities have difficulties in paying for the service already. With more budgetary shortfalls projected for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, those constraints will only get tighter.

If there are other solutions, we’re all ears. But, lacking any new revenue sources, this tax is unavoidable.


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