County will receive more vaccines

An effort to administer as many vaccinations as possible has resulted in the county being selected to receive more doses of COVID-19 vaccinations created by Moderna and Pfizer.

An additional 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, as well as 300 doses of Moderna’s, are expected to be delivered.

Sweetwater County recently moved to vaccinating residents identified in the state’s 1B priority group, which includes K-12 educators and people aged 70 and older. The previous shipment of vaccines was completely used in a vaccination push, giving the county priority over others that have doses sitting unused in cold storage. According to Dr. Jean Stachon, the county’s health officer, the county is one of only a few that has used its allotment of vaccines.

According to Kristy Nelson, Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County’s retired chief nursing officer who is volunteering to help with the COVID-19 response, said the most critical people in the 70 and older list were the focus.

Utilizing a list of 20 patients per local provider, with 10 additional patients placed on a waiting list, 726 first-round doses were administered by Friday at 4:30 p.m., when vaccine amounts had run out.

Dr. Stachon warns residents who have received the vaccine that they’re not vaccinated yet. The COVID-19 vaccines are designed to be used in two steps, one initial injection followed by a later booster injection. ‘

She said the first people who have received their first vaccines will be due for their follow up boosters in the next week and urges people to be sure they follow up on their vaccines.

As far as herd immunity goes, Dr. Stachon said the county has a long way to go before the county’s population hits a point where the county ‘s population has that percentage of immunity.


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