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Looking forward to the election's end


October 28, 2020

I don’t think I’m alone when I say this: I can’t wait for this election season to end.

My reasons probably differ from most people -- through I can’t remember a previous presidential election being such a slog to experience. I blame social media for that feeling. But, the thing that I’m looking forward to most is this: President Donald Trump’s campaign team will stop blowing up my personal email’s inbox.

The volume of email I’ve received from the Trump campaign has been absolutely jaw dropping to say the least. I’d say the word aggressive is another appropriate adjective to use. Since Saturday, I’ve received 29 different emails from his campaign. A total of 46 came in since last Monday (Oct. 19). Holy cow, that’s a lot of email from anyone. Of course the sender isn’t always listed as Donald J. Trump. Some of it came from accounts allegedly attached to Donald Trump Jr., Melania Trump, Lara Trump, Eric Trump, Mike Pence, Team Trump-Pence and so on.

As I sat down to write this, I received one from informing me I could be President Trump’s guest at an upcoming rally.

I get it. This is an important election and the Trump team is likely spooked about Joe Biden’s late October polling numbers. After 2016, I’ve learned to ignore the polls though. Hilary Clinton was projected to destroy Trump in that election and we all know how that came out. If I had to make a guess, I couldn’t. I think the upcoming presidential election is going to be a lot closer than anyone is guessing right now.

I can safely say Wyoming will cast its three electoral college votes to Trump because of the rock-ribbed conservative nature of the state. Stating that isn’t prediction or even a spoiler for the upcoming election. It just will happen and anyone following Wyoming politics knows that’s the case. ARegardless of the outcome, I can rest assured in at least one change after Nov. 4. The Trump election team will leave my inbox alone.


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