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Our view: We can't be lax on coronavirus action


October 7, 2020

The coronavirus has made quite a surge in Wyoming over the past week and a half. Much of the infections have been in Albany County, home to the University of Wyoming, and have included 11 freshmen football players according to UW’s public relations office.

Sweetwater County, while not experiencing the same large increase other counties have seen, hasn’t been spared either. As of Monday evening, the Wyoming Department of Health reported Sweetwater County had 31 active cases of COVID-19, up from 10 active cases reported Sept. 28. We’re seeing it in our schools as well, with both the Sweetwater County school districts reporting positive cases amongst students. In Green River, students from Green River High School, Truman Elementary and Expedition Academy have been infected. The ripple effects from a positive COVID-19 infection travel far beyond just the student and their family.

The Green River High School cross country team was impacted after an athlete tested positive for the disease, with all 20 members of the team being quarantined as a result. That means, no competition for them until they’re released.

Yet, the push to return to normal remains. Residents who don’t think they’ll contract the disease, or don’t care, continue to debate the effectiveness of health orders despite clear evidence that, for example, a facial covering can limit a person’s ability to transmit the coronavirus to others nearby and that more than 200,000 Americans have died as a result of the virus.

They look at President Donald Trump returning to the White House after a brief stint at Walter Reed Medical Center following his own coronavirus infection -- forgetting that a number of his personal staff also were infected and that he, as leader of the free world, has access to treatments and drug “cocktails” mere mortals would never see in their hospital treatment regimens.

If we’re going to see infection numbers decline, everyone is going to have to get serious about continuing to promote actions to combat the virus’ spread. Otherwise, we’re going to see an unfortunate spike in COVID-19 cases that will put the most vulnerable residents of our community at risk.

A vaccine will come and we will be able to move on, but until then, we need to remain vigilant.


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