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By Shay Mahana

A day with the market vendors


August 19, 2020

Shay Mahana

Terri Wood goes through her jewelry display prior to the start of the weekly Green River Farmers' Market last week.

Every week throughout the summer, residents driving along Uinta Drive will see a collection trailers and popup shops, as well as a large group of customers, gathered on Roosevelt Drive.

The Green River Farmers' Market features local produce, goods and handmade creations. The market is also a great place for vendors to seek exposure and support.

For Leslie Webster, the founder of LGWimaginations, the market is a means of introducing people to her art.

Webster sells acrylic poured paintings, along with other poured paint pieces. Webster has been producing art for more than two years and has lived in Green River since 1993.

She started selling her pieces at the market this year to get more public awareness and to interact with members of the community.

Her favorite part of being a vendor is the interaction between residents and other vendors while selling her art. It takes Webster roughly an hour and a half to set up her booth and only 30 minutes to take it down. The biggest challenge for her is community interest and weather conditions.

Trisha Guymon and her partner Jason sell jewelry and other handmade goods out of a small both at the market. She moved to Green River a little over a year ago and has only been selling her products at the market for about a month. She started selling her products at the market to meet people interested in her work.

Her favorite part about being a vendor is being able to see the interest people have in her products as well as getting to meet other vendors. She said her largest challenge getting residents' attention.

For Aaron Slaton, an employee at the Daily Knead's stand, it's another means of selling the bakery's goods. Slaton's wares include candies and pastries, as well as other treats. The Daily Knead is a downtown shop that has been a staple of the Green River Farmers' Market for many years. The bakery itself has operated in Green River for nearly two decades. Slaton started selling at the market because he felt as though there was a demand for these types of products.

His favorite part about being a vendor is the exposure to keep the business running as well as the interaction with different people. He travels to Kemmerer to participate in its market as well.

The farmers market is a weekly event taking place from four to seven on Wednesdays. Currently, the farmers' market has 30-40 vendors registered. Everything at the market is produced by the vendors as no retail goods are permitted.


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