Our View: Election will have important impacts on area

Green River residents have a unique decision on Tuesday’s ballot.

For House District 60, both Democrats and Republicans have a two-person primary race to help decide. Republicans also have a four-person choice for the two Sweetwater County commissioner seats up for election this year. Primary elections don’t have the turnout general elections in November do, but with the challenges the county and state face, more people should go to the polls.

Leadership in the coming years will be key in determining what happens after the coronavirus pandemic. At the state level, important questions of how to fund services and operations will continue to raise after the now-famous announcement by Gov. Mark Gordon that the state could cut every job and still face a budgetary shortfall. Questions of if the state should find other means of generating revenue, cut services to save money or a combination of the two will be asked in Cheyenne next year.

There will be tough choices ahead and those choices will be made by whomever is sent to represent House District 60.

Tough choices are likely head for the county as well. Already facing the impacts of a cratering oil and gas industry, the county’s revenue has also declined in the past few years. Is the county on a good path in response to the budgetary pressures it faces? That’s a question voters can answer Tuesday.

If they’re happy with how things are, they can vote for the two incumbents. If not, there are candidates willing to take up the mantle and do their best for the county.

The future of the county and the state can be changed during the upcoming elections and voting is an easy thing to do. This year, more than any other time in recent memory, the results of the upcoming elections will have far-reaching impacts long after the votes are tallied.

Residents of Green River, go out and make your voices heard.


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