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By Shay Mahana

Sweetwater county museum reopens


The Sweetwater County Museum has reopened to visitors, opening its doors to the public Monday.

The museum opened under its regular summer hours Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Museum Director Brie Blasi and her staff worked to ensure that visitors can enjoy a safe and healthy visit to the local museum.

The staff had to take a number of steps to open the building, such as rearranging and controlling as much of the museum’s environment as possible. Blasi said her staff worked to create an arrangement people can still enjoy the knowledge it offers as well as maintaining social distancing guidelines.

One of the biggest challenges they faced was finding a way to operate in the more confined areas of the building. The building the museum resides in is a historical building itself, originally serving as the town’s post office and has a smaller structure than other buildings in Green River.

The staff overcame this obstacle by rearranging the gallery in a circular arrangement, allowing people to move throughout the museum without putting themselves in risk. The museum’s public engagement director also worked on creating activities outside of the museum for visitors to do as well.

While the museum is open, the research department is currently only open by appointment only.

Blasi said the museum received phone calls from not only residents, but from visitors to the area as well. After having to deny requests to come in for the past few months, the museum’s staff members were excited to open their doors once again.

“Our goal is to keep the experience of a tour of the museum as normal as possible,” Blasi said in a media release.


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