State issues immediate closure order

A notice from Governor Mark Gordon is immediately closing businesses and public spaces throughout the state, according to Michael Pearlman, communications director for the governor's office.

The closure will remain in effect until April 3. According to a press release, the closure includes “schools, theaters, bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, employee cafeterias, self-serve buffets, salad bars, unpackaged self-serve food services, gyms, conference rooms and museums.” Restaurants can remain open, but only provide service through curbside pickup orders or from drive through windows.

"This Governor has never been inclined to overstep local authority, but these are unprecedented times. It is critical that there is uniformity across the state in how social distancing measures are implemented,” Gordon said. “Wyoming, like all Americans, must commit to reducing the strain on our healthcare system. These are hard measures and they will be difficult for employees and businesses alike, but they are warranted.”

Initially, Sweetwater County officials were working on their own closure notice, which would have closed restaurant dining areas and bars throughout the county starting Friday at 5 p.m., for a 14-day period.

Sara Geffre, the Sweetwater County Environmental Health supervisor, said she was calling restaurants in Green River to inform them of the impending notice, but stopped once they heard the state would issue its own notice.

“We were working with the county attorney and the county health officer,” she said.

She said they were waiting for the various agencies to sign off on the notice, as well as give the mayors of Green River and Rock Springs a chance to review it before it would be implemented.


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