We will make it through this

It’s easy to panic during the public health crisis the COVID-19 virus has created throughout the world.

I can’t blame anyone for feeling unnerved or worried about current events. We’ve seen our schools and recreation center close and grocery stores sell out of a wide variety of foods and items. This is a truly unprecedented time.

Despite all that we’re facing, I want to reiterate something to everyone in Green River: We will make it through this.

The residents of Green River have shown themselves to be a resilient group of people and life will return to normal. That said, it’s also time for us to show care for people who may struggle more during these times.

I want to urge people to donate to the Food Bank of Sweetwater County. There are people in our community who do not have the luxury to stockpile food and goods. While food is always a valued donation, donating money to the food bank is even more effective because the food bank can leverage those funds to a greater degree than residents can. Regardless of what is donated, any donation would go a long way to help people throughout the county. Child care may become an issue for working parents as well. For those who are able to, why not offer to watch a friend or neighbor’s children as they go to work. Green River is a close-knit community and this is the time to come together and help each other out.

This newspaper will also step up during this time. We will print additional pages for the next few weeks featuring additional material such as coloring pages and short stories. Anyone interested in submitting a short story or photography for publication can do so by emailing me at publisher@greenriverstar.com.

Starting this week, articles written regarding the COVID-19 virus and how it pertains to Green River and Sweetwater County will be distributed online through our website, http://www.greenriverstar.com and not be subjected to the standard paywall limitations. We will also promote them through our Facebook page. Those stories will also be available in the physical newspaper as well. I want to promote the most up-to-date information available regarding this crisis, but I also recognize a weekly publication schedule may not be the best cycle to follow for this issue.

Together, we will see this through.


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