Welders complete certifications

From Green River High School

Green River High School Welding Program has been working hard at seeking basic welding certification for their Welding 2 and Advanced Welding students. This certification meets the in-house specifications for the guided bend weld test as set forth by the Sweetwater County School District No. 2 district assessments, which differs slightly from the American Welding Society version of the test.

"These kids have worked very hard at completing this process," Green River High School Welding Instructor Tom Wilson said. "We are very proud of their effort and commitment. Our kids have an amazing opportunity to gain some skills and for their future be it for employment or just for hobby. These skills will follow them for a lifetime."

The students must weld two 3-inch by 6-inch by 3/8-inch coupons together with a V-groove (G) weld joint using no backing plate. They then grind them flat, cut out the predetermined flat straps and then bend those straps in a hydraulic press. One gets bent to the root side (bottom) and one to the face (top). There can be no cracking or deviations totaling more than 3/32 inches across both coupons in order to successfully complete the task.

The students start out welding in the flat position and move through the progressively more difficult positions including horizontal, vertical and eventually overhead. This process is especially challenging and requires a great deal of skill.

"Our volunteer instructor, Terry Nielson is the key component to seeing these kids through this difficult task," Wilson said. "Terry comes in every day to help the kids and his 42 years of experience in the field are a welcome resource for the overall program. He is amazing, all of the credit belongs to him."


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