Star switches printers

Nearly three months after shifting its printing operations from Rock Springs to Salt Lake City, the Green River Star is changing its printer a second time.

The newspaper will print with Adams Publishing Group in Cheyenne.

The newspaper was forced to change printing operations after the press in Rock Springs was closed in July. The Star moved to printing with Media One in Utah and adopted a Thursday publication date to accommodate added shipping time.

According to David Martin, the newspaper’s publisher, the change came about after Media One proposed a significant rate increase last month.

Starting next week, the Star will be published Wednesday. To accommodate a new press schedule, the newspaper’s deadlines will be changed.

The deadline for news, obituaries and advertising will be noon on Mondays, while deadlines for legals will 5 p.m. Monday. The Star will also continue to deliver newspapers through carriers in Green River.

“We are excited to work with a Wyoming-based company again,” Martin said. “Regardless of the changes to our printing schedule, our readers can expect to read the best publication in Sweetwater County when they pick up the Green River Star.”


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