Evaluation set in assault case

A man accused of threatening his father with a machete will undergo a competency evaluation to determine if he’s mentally fit to proceed.

Robert Mandros, 20, Green River was bound over to the Third District Court at a preliminary hearing to aggravated assault and battery, a felony, and property destruction and defacement, a misdemeanor. However, he hasn’t been arraigned yet due to a court-ordered evaluation.

According to a motion for mental examination and to suspend proceedings document, during Mandros’ arraignment Sept. 19, Mandros “appeared confused and could not answer questions from the court in a lucid manner.”

This document also states Mandros met with his attorney Sept. 20 and the attorney was concerned whether or not Mandros was competent to stand trial.

On Oct. 7, an order of evaluation for competency to proceed and suspending proceedings order was filed.

According to this document, Mandros will be examined by the Wyoming State Hospital to determine if he is mentally fit to proceed. The hospital must complete the examination within 30 days and provide an opinion on whether Mandros has a mental illness or deficiency, and if so, whether that illness or deficiency causes him to lack the capacity to comprehend his position, understand the proceedings and conduct himself in a rational manner.

A recommendation must also address whether Mandros should be held in a designated facility for treatment pending determination by the court on whether he’s fit to proceed.

If Mandros is found by the court to be mentally fit to proceed, a recommendation must also be given on which designated facility Mandros should stay at throughout the proceedings.

According to court documents, on Aug. 21, at 8:17 p.m. officers responded to a home in Green River for a report that Mandros was threatening his father, Johnny Mandros, with a machete.

Upon arrival, Green River Police officers met with Robert and told him to sit on the ground and he did so.

They then spoke with Johnny, who stated his son allegedly kicked the front door of his residence in. Officers noticed the wood around the door’s frame was damaged.

Once his son gained access to the residence, he retrieved a machete from his closet and allegedly threatened Johnny with it, Johnny told the officers. After he allegedly threatened his father, he put the machete back in the closet.

The officers then spoke with the son, who appeared to be under the influence of some unknown narcotic and asked him about the machete. The son told the officers he didn’t know what they were talking about and said the knife was in his father’s closet.

Officers asked the son if he had any weapons on him and he said he didn’t. The officers checked and didn’t locate any weapons. He was then placed under arrest.


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