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By Stephanie Thompson

Wolves slay Red Devils


October 17, 2019

Toby Trumble

Dylan Taylor reaches high as he attempts to catch a pass during the Wolves' meeting with Evanston Friday night.

With the 14-7 win over Evanston, the Wolves are still in the running for a possible playoff game.

The Wolves started off receiving the ball and Isaac Ruiz brought the ball out for a 21-yard return, but the Wolves were three and out quickly.

The Red Devils got the ball and were in a fourth and 13th situation when they went for it, but they were 3 yards short. The Wolves took over the ball, but had to punt.

A big defensive play by Wolves Tayler Jensen and Payton Tucker created a big stop making it second and 16 for the Red Devils. They were on a fourth down and decided to punt. A bad snap from the Red Devils left the kicker falling onto the ball at the 4-yard line and the Wolves got it back.

Davis Wrage stepped in as quarterback and threw it to Gabe Burdette, who took it in for a quick 6 points. The P.A.T. kick was good. With 4:36 left to go in the first quarter, the Wolves were up 7-0.

The Red Devils got the ball back and marched their way down their field with five first downs with a lot of help from Red Devil Gabe Morris.

During the second quarter, the Red Devils ended their 13-play drive with a pass to Red Devil David Perez who caught it in the end zone to get them a quick 6 points. The P.A.T. was good, tying up the game 7-7.

During the punt return, the Wolves fumbled the ball and the Red Devils recovered it at the 19-yard line. A 38-yard field goal attempt was not good and the Wolves got the ball back.

Jachob Fuss threw a 35-yard pass to Dylan Taylor and he brought it in. Fuss kept the ball and ran to slide for a first down. Fuss then fumbled the ball, but it was recovered by a fellow Wolf. Burdette pounded the ball in for 5 more yards. It was fourth down and 11 at the 19-yard line and the Wolves went for it. Burdette ran hard for an 18-yard gain taking it to the 1-yard line.

With a quarterback sneak from Fuss, the Wolves got their second touchdown of the game. The P.A.T. kick was good, taking the score to 14-7. The Red Devils were going to go for it on a fourth and inches, but after a 5-yard penalty, they punted it.

Wrage threw the ball to Taylor to pick up a first down, who got out of bounds with 36 seconds left in the first half. A 16-yard pass to Jensen, kept the Wolves moving down the field. Wrage threw the ball deep and it was intercepted by Perez.

At halftime, the Wolves were on top 14-7.

Evanston got the ball first after halftime and they fumbled the ball. The Wolves came up with it. However, after a quick three and out, they tried to fake a punt on fourth down and they didn't get the first down.

With about 3 minutes left in the third quarter, the Red Devils fumbled the ball, but recovered it. Then it was fumbled again and Wolf Tucker came up with the ball. Fuss threw the ball to Taylor and then Seth White to get close to a first down, but it was Burdette who hammered it in to keep the Wolves' drive alive, ending the third quarter.

The Wolves continued their drive in the fourth quarter. Fuss threw a nice one to Kolby Ivie who brought it in. But on the next play, Fuss threw the ball and Red Devil Morris picked it off. Wolf Thomas Harvey answered when needed forcing Evanston to go for it on fourth down.

Red Devil David Baxter threw it to a receiver in the end zone and it was incomplete. Wolves were three and out and had to punt. In fourth and seven situation, the Red Devils went for it and it was incomplete.

Once the Wolves got the ball back, they started to run down the clock, forcing the Red Devils to use all of their timeouts.

The Wolves went for in on fourth and Burdette got the first down. The Wolves took a knee and that was the game.

During the post game interview, head coach Marty Wrage said, "I knew we could count on our defense."

"The biggest thing I'm proud of is we got punched in the mouth in Jackson, but they didn't pout...," he said.

They came back to the first practice after that game ready to improve. The Wolves will travel to take on the Powell Panthers Friday.


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