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By Stephanie Thompson

Swimmers grab two more 1st-place finishes


October 3, 2019

The Lady Wolves swimming and diving team continues to improve each week and this week they came home with two first-place finishes.

Last Thursday, the Lady Wolves traveled to Big Piney and Evanston to compete and come back on top.

Head coach Colleen Seiloff was happy with how the Lady Wolves performed on the road while tired.

“We’re really tired at this time of the season,” Seiloff said.

Even though the Lady Wolves may have been tired, they continued to improve in the pool.

“We’re having a few time cuts here and there,” she said.

While some Lady Wolves are getting closer and closer to hitting qualifying times, others are swimming through illness and fatigue.

One swimmer that stood out for Seiloff this week was Amaya Spartz. Seiloff said Spartz worked hard over the summer putting in a lot of hours training at the pool and it’s showing this season.

“She’s getting close to qualifying,” Seiloff said.

As for the three freshmen divers on the team, Olive Roberts, Zella Maez and Autumn Casey, Seiloff said they continue to improve as well, especially Maez.

“She’s really improving and her scores are getting better every week,” Seiloff said about Maez.

Seiloff said Maez is starting to increase the degree in difficulty of her dives so she can try and earn more points.

This weekend, the Lady Wolves will swim their last two home meets on Friday at 2 p.m. and Saturday at 9 a.m. Seiloff is looking forward to seeing competitors from the east side of the state, including Laramie, Cheyenne East and Cheyenne Central attend the meet.

“It will be nice to not be traveling again and get healthy,” she said.

Evanston Results

200-yard medley relay

GRHS: Team A: 2:05.03

GRHS: Team B: 2:11.98

200-yard freestyle

Amaya Spartz, 2:22.72

Adrienne Merrick, 2:23.05

Kaycee Olsen, 2:29.54

200-yard individual medley

Madi Young, 2:30.12

Lilly Munoz, 2:30.25

Haylie Gavin, 3:05.00

50-yard freestyle

Lauren Jensen, 27.45

Alexa Lauze, 28.15

Jade Arnell, 29.10

1-meter diving

Zella Maez, 137.95

100-yard butterfly

Alexa Lauze, 1:10.01

Cherylann Moritz, 1:12.47

100-yard freestyle

Merrick, 1:02.80

Spartz, 1:04.40

Arnell, 1:05.51

500-yard freestyle

Lauren Lee, 5:49.89

Hailey Uhrig, 6:29.32

Madison Bauers, 7:18.87

200-yard freestyle relay

GRHS: Team A: 1:54.97

GRHS: Team B, 2:02.13

100-yard backstroke

Young, 1:10.21

Uhrig, 1:18.75

Olsen, 1:20.37

Green River Results

GRHS, 411

RSHS, 286

Kelly Walsh, 233

Riverton, 138

Evanston, 132

200-yard medley relay

GRHS: Team A: 1:58.35

GRHS: Team B: 2:12.05

200-yard freestyle

Sydni Sanders, 2:11.06

Lauze, 2:11.93

Merrick, 2:24.21

200-yard individual medley

Uhrig, 2:23.53

50-yard freestyle

Jensen, 26.65

1-meter diving

Olive Roberts, 195.70

Maez, 179.65

100-yard butterfly

Young, 1:07.39

Munoz, 1:10.75

100-yard freestyle

Sanders, 58.42

Olsen, 1:02.37

Merrick, 1:05.44

500-yard freestyle

Lauze, 5:38.59

Young, 5:59.46

Spartz, 6:23.92

200-yard freestyle relay

GRHS: Team A: 1:49.48

GRHS: Team B: 2:01.13

100-yard backstroke

Jensen, 1:00.47

Moritz, 1:13.01

Olsen, 1:13.17

100-yard breaststroke

Uhrig, 1:08.27

Munoz, 1:11.81

Bauers, 1:22.56

400-yard freestyle relay

GRHS: Team A: 4:02.80

3. GRHS: Team B: 4:23.90


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