Lady Wolves swimming earn 3 pool dual wins

The Green River swimmers continue to improve each time they get in the pool to compete.

This time, the Lady Wolves traveled to Laramie and Cheyenne to compete in duals against Laramie, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne South and Kelly Walsh.

Head coach Colleen Seiloff said the Lady Wolves swam well during all of their duals this weekend and they won three duals and lost one against Laramie.

“We didn’t pick up any other qualifiers, but had some qualifiers pick up more events,” Seiloff said.

For Seiloff, this was an opportunity for the Lady Wolves to participate in a different format of swimming.

Duals meets are scored differently and are more fast paced. She said in duals only three people are scored, but in an invite four members are scored and the meet takes longer.

For the Lady Wolves, this was their first dual meet of the season. This is something Seiloff said they are trying to do more of, but Seiloff doesn’t prefer one type of a meet over another.

“I don’t think it matters. Both formats are good,” Seiloff said.

For the duals, it gives coaches a chance to put their kids in different events because the meet runs faster, whereas at an invite, the team has a chance to swim against more teams and see which teams are strong and where they are strong at. Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages.

This week, the Lady Wolves will swim in Rock Springs on Friday at 4 p.m. and at home on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Seiloff said it will be nice for the Lady Wolves to stay around home this week. She’s hoping more Lady Wolves will qualify for state this week.

“We tend to swim a little bit better at home meets,” she said.

She plans on putting swimmers in events where their times have been close to qualifying.

“They’re doing well and working hard,” she said.

Dual meet results

GRHS, 130 vs. Kelly Walsh High School, 55

GRHS, 137 vs. Cheyenne South, 49

GRHS, 149 vs. Cheyenne East, 37

Laramie, 99 vs. GRHS, 82

200-yard medley relay

2. GRHS: Team A: Lauren Jensen, Hailey Uhrig, Lilly Munoz, Kaycee Olsen, 1:57.56

5. GRHS: Team B: Jade Arnell, Madison Bauers, Madi Young, Merika Moffatt, 2:11.29

200-yard freestyle

2. Sydni Sanders, 2:08.43

4. Alexa Lauze, 2:12.11

7. Adrienne Merrick, 2:25.75

200-yard intermediate relay

2. Young, 2:30.87

4. Munoz, 2:32.77

8. Bauers, 2:47.49

50-yard freestyle

4. Arnell, 28.05

5. Lauren Lee, 28.06

6. Olsen, 28.54

1-meter diving

7. Zella Maez, 100.25

9. Olive Roberts, 90.70

100-yard butterfly

1. L. Jensen, 1:02.11

4. Uhrig, 1:08.09

100-yard freestyle

5. Sanders, 1:01.81

6. Olsen, 1:02.76

8. Merrick, 1:03.12

500-yard freestyle

2. Lauze, 5:43.90

5. Young, 6:17.55

6. Spartz, 6:37.14

200-yard freestyle relay

2. GRHS: Team A: Sanders, Lauze, Arnell, Munoz, 1:51.39

5. GRHS: Team B: Amaya Spartz, Uhrig, Bauers, Merrick, 2:02.29

100-yard backstroke

1. Jensen, 1:05.92

8. Lee, 1:13.67

100-yard breaststroke

1. Uhrig, 1:10.81

2. Munoz, 1:13.56

4. Bauers, 1:21.45

400-yard freestyle relay

1. GRHS: Team A: Sanders, Lauze, Olsen, Jensen, 4:00.47

3. GRHS: Team B, Young, Spartz, Merrick, Maerika Moffatt, 4:31.64


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