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By David Martin

Millions available in unclaimed property


August 29, 2019

Wyoming State Treasurer Curtis Meier says the state has millions in unclaimed property available to residents.

Speaking to members of the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce earlier this month, Meier said the backlog of unclaimed property amounts to $85 million. Residents can search the website to see if they have unclaimed property listed. For people who don’t want to look online, Meier said they could call his office.

“It’s your money,” Meier said.

Property becomes unclaimed when the holder of money belonging to someone loses contact with the owner. Unclaimed property includes deposits, overpayments, money in checking or savings accounts and refunds, among other sources of revenue. According to the state treasurer’s website, the state will return the money if a person files a claim and is able to proof they are either the rightful owner or heir to the original owner. Those who file a claim don’t pay a fee for return of the property, as it is a public service through the state treasurer’s office. Meier said residents will also have the opportunity to choose if the unclaimed property becomes a charitable contribution soon, saying options would include funding the Hathaway Scholarship, University of Wyoming or other causes.

“There are people out there who know the money is there, but for whatever reason, don’t want to take it,” he said.


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