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By Lexi Mitchell

Green River sees impact from FGD


Flaming Gorge Days has always been a staple in Green River and some businesses are feeling the effects. Most of the excitement was at Expedition Island, but according to the owner of Sweetwater Trophies, Mike Frink, he could feel the difference and excitement that comes with FGD a few days before.

“We had a lot of people in here Wednesday and Thursday,” Frink said. “They try to find things to do beforehand.”

Arctic Circle, managed by Robert Berg, felt the impact greatly compared to their average daily earnings becoming the fourth most lucrative FGD year for them.

“Phenomenal. A really great year. I’m excited that FGD is growing once again. I’m also excited to see three different organizations put on events. We will have one in June, July and August now,” Berg said. “The Muley Fanatics Foundation (Mansface Mountain Music Festival) is in their second year, then the Chamber of Commerce is putting on the River Festival in August and helping to continue its growth.”

Berg acknowledged that having the parade on Flaming Gorge Way also helped to draw in business on the north side of town.

Jennie Melvin, URA/Main Street administrator, said almost everyone has been supportive of the parade staying on Flaming Gorge Way. She has only heard one complaint about parking downtown being worse than on Uinta. In a text sent out to committee members Melvin explained the decision.

“Since the Flaming Gorge Days committee had to restructure under the Green River Development Fund, which supports downtown revitalization organization, it makes sense to bring as many activities downtown as possible,” Melvin said.

She also wrote about the convenience of the city clean up after the parade and the participants finding the pace easier to keep without Uinta Drive’s downhill slope.

Not all businesses felt the monetary increase of FGD, with some deciding to close their business for the weekend. Melvin, explained that even though businesses are closed with the parade on that side of town it still gains some exposure for them.

“It’s an opportunity for the businesses to be present,” Melvin said. “While the parade may not effect them that day, they do set themselves up to be in the public eye for the next time that business is needed. Overall, attendance is up for Flaming Gorge Days.”


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