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By David Martin

Business owner: Love's will hurt GR


The Sweetwater County Land Use Office has received numerous comments regarding the potential construction of a Love’s Travel Stop west of Green River in Jamestown.

Among those who have commented is Mike Frink, owner of Sweetwater Trophies, who believes the truck stop will not provide an economic benefit to Green River.

In a letter to the Sweetwater County Commissioners, Frink argues the truck stop would not benefit the area. He thinks people would not come to Green River for gas or food because they would likely only stop at the truck stop before continuing on their journey. This would also mean people wouldn’t visit the city for other reasons, like souvenirs.

“Also we just put up a beautiful mural on the side of a downtown building and now there will be a lot less travelers coming through our main street to enjoy it,” Frink states in his letter.

Frink doesn’t believe the truck stop would have a positive economic impact on the county either and would only serve to hurt the existing businesses in Green River because it doesn’t bring anything new to what’s already available.

“The Flying J in Rock Springs collects taxes, as well as Little America as far as fuel goes, our restaurants can serve all those people that are looking for someplace to stop and eat,” Frink wrote. “I do not think we can afford to lose more and more businesses in our small community.”

If Love’s brought something new and different outside of creating jobs, Frink told the commissioners he would support it.

While Frink admits the truck stop would create new jobs, he thinks many of those jobs created would ultimately replace other jobs already existing in Green River, which he argues could disappear because of businesses closing due to decreased traffic in the city. Frink said businesses that bring economic diversity should be supported.

“We do not have a place to buy a diamond ring in our city; if we were to bring in a jewelry store, I think it would thrive and would not just hurt or close another business,” he wrote.

Frink also mentions other communities have raised similar concerns about Love’s truck stops coming to their locations, citing comments made by residents in Ramsey, Mont., that circulated around pollution and increased criminal activity.

However, he does think Love’s could bring economic improvement to the Jamestown area if the company extended sewer service from Green River into the area because wastewater is currently dealt with through septic systems.

“So, if they are willing to put in a whole sewer system for Jamestown I would think those folks would definitely support it,” Frink concluded.

The Sweetwater County Land Use Office has a Planning and Zoning Commission hearing planned for Aug. 14 at 10 a.m., at the county courthouse. The Sweetwater County commissioners will hear the proposal during their Aug. 20 meeting. Written comments are due by Aug. 9.


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