Our View: Tourism can improve

Minerals will likely play a vital role in Sweetwater County’s economy regardless of what coal’s future will be, but tourism will be an increasingly larger player in the coming years.

With Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism’s announcement that leisure visits have increased by 5 percent, we think attempts at marketing Sweetwater County to travelers are paying off.

One thing to realize is Sweetwater County will likely never be the destination for most travelers, Rock Springs and Green River are convenient stopping points for people traveling through to the more established places like Yellowstone National Park. Yet, despite that, we think opportunities exist to enhance what’s available countywide to entice people to either stay longer or come back on their return trip.

Sweetwater County is already bountiful with outdoor opportunities and we do see a number of regional visitors coming to the area to enjoy a weekend here.

But, while the area provides a number of ways a person can enjoy the high desert environment we call home, visitors don’t always want to find their own entertainment when they’re on vacation.

Area events are always a good way to attract people to the area and we’d be happy to see more of them develop.

It’s great to see organizations like the Muley Fanatics Foundation host an event like their Mansface Mountain Music Festival and while we’re not keen on the idea of festival goers camping within city limits, we do hope it succeeds and continues in Green River for years to come.

While area events can bring people in, we think smaller, weekly gatherings could help attract more people.

Sticking with the musical theme, a weekly jam session featuring local musicians at Expedition Island could become a must see for residents and visitors alike, similar to the sessions hosted at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo.

We realize Clocktower Plaza has equipment for outdoor performances, but the island’s pavilion would provide better protection from the weather, as well as a full kitchen for local organizations to sell snacks as a fundraising effort.

We’re happy to see more people coming to Sweetwater County. The travel and tourism board is doing a fantastic job in attracting people to stop by during their Wyoming vacation.

However, we think there’s still room to provide more opportunities for visitors to enjoy the county and what it has to offer.


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