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By David Martin

Woman accused of biting cop


A woman allegedly bit a Green River police officer following an altercation at her home June 6.

Jeanette Wilson, 63, of Green River, is being charged with two counts of abuse of a vulnerable adult and one count of interference with a police officer. The three charges, all felonies, each carry a potential sentence of not more than 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. If found guilty of all charges, Wilson could face up to 30 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.

According to documents from Sweetwater County Circuit Court, the charges stem from a domestic violence call the Green River Police Department received June 6 to an address on West Teton Boulevard. The caller requested Wilson be removed from the residence as she was intoxicated. Officer Monique Castro responded to the residence and discovered Wilson had left. While speaking with occupants at the residence, Castro was told Wilson becomes violent when drinking and had allegedly attacked her husband, who was bed ridden after having surgery on his right leg three weeks prior. While speaking to Wilson’s husband, Castro was told she had become increasingly violent towards him after his surgery and had threatened to beat him with a belt. He also claimed she had allegedly taken his cell phone and house phone from him, as well as his cane and prosthetic leg to keep him immobile and unable to contact their son.

Wilson’s husband said earlier on June 6, Wilson had been drinking whiskey and had about 12 beers throughout the day. She became upset with their son and allegedly started beating her husband with a belt. Wilson’s husband said he wasn’t aware of what upset Wilson, but claimed she threw the belt at him and attempted to punch him in the face, which he was able to block by grabbing Wilson’s wrists to stop her.

After Wilson left the residence, her husband made his way to the edge of the bed and retrieved the belt, giving it to their son later that day. Wilson’s husband also handed their son a letter he wrote to Wilson asking her not to hit him anymore and asked that the firearms in the house be removed because he had become fearful of what Wilson could do.

“Wilson found out and became very upset,” court documents state. “Wilson told him if she wanted to kill him, she could just stab him or tie a rope around his neck and drag him around the house.”

When speaking with Wilson’s son, Castro was told Wilson has been verbally abusive in the past, but the couple’s son was unaware of the physical abuse until that day. He also said his father contacts him when Wilson “becomes too much to take,” saying he decided to contact the police out of fear of his father’s wellbeing. Castro stayed at the residence as Wilson’s husband was moved out by their son.

While at the residence, Castro noticed Wilson walking up the driveway and made contact with her to get her statement. During the discussion, Castro reportedly noticed Wilson having slurred speech and visibly swayed as she stood. Castro also noted Wilson’s breath smelled strongly of alcoholic beverages.

Wilson told Castro she was her husband’s primary care giver for the prior three weeks and claimed she had not hit her husband, but said her husband grabbed her wrist and left a bruise. Two other officers arrived at the scene to assist and Wilson became irritated because Castro’s flashlight was bright and warned her about shining it in her eyes before trailing off with her speech.

According to court documents, Wilson was allegedly uncooperative during her arrest, threatening Castro and calling her multiple names. Once Wilson was in the back of Castro’s patrol vehicle, Castro ordered Wilson to look to her left and she leaned into Wilson with her left forearm for her safety as she reached across Wilson for the seatbelt tucked behind Wilson’s left shoulder. Wilson allegedly brought her head down and bit the outside of Castro’s left palm, approximately 1 inch below the pinky joint.

Castro shifted her forearm up to raise Wilson’s head, at which point Wilson released. Castro then told Wilson not to bite her.

Castro observed she had a semicircle of redness and indentations consistent with being bitten. As Castro transported Wilson to the Sweetwater County Detention Center, Castro felt pain in the area around where she was bitten.


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