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By Stephanie Thompson

Lady Wolves are learning from losses

Take on Star Valley, Jackson this week


April 17, 2019

The Lady Wolves soccer team continues to learn where their strengths are and where they need to improve.

Last week was a busy week for the Lady Wolves with three games to play. The first game took place last Tuesday against Jackson in Jackson and the Lady Wolves lost 3-2.

“Jackson is one of those I wish I could do over again,” head coach Tracy Wyant said.

The Lady Wolves just suffered from a few breakdowns that occurred during the game and couldn’t recover.

“We were very evenly matched with Jackson,” Wyant said.

Once Jackson scored the third goal, the Lady Wolves worked hard to try and get the equalizer goal, but they just couldn’t.”

“The effort was there to try and get that goal,” she said.

The two goals were scored by Kylee Hosford. Who later was removed from the game after she suffered a concussion.

“She probably had one of her best games,” Wyant said.

Hosford took a shot on the goal, which rebounded back to her and she took another shot on the goal, which left the Jackson goalie scrambling to recover to try and block it, but was unable to.

During the Kelly Walsh game, the Lady Wolves lost it in the second half. Wyant said they came out strong and were matching Kelly Walsh goal for goal, but they kind of fell apart a little bit.

Wyant said the Lady Wolves struggled for a good 20 to 30 minutes and lost the fire and intensity they had. After Kelly Walsh pulled ahead in the second half, the Lady Wolves seemed to lose their focus.

“We didn’t continue to compete with them,” Wyant said.

In the Natrona County game, neither team would have the opportunity to claim the victory when the game ended in a 1-1 tie after overtime.

“I felt like we were the better team,” Wyant said. “We need to come out and set the pace of the game.”

Wyant said in all of the games the Lady Wolves have played, they have met the pace of the other team. Wyant said they need to set their own pace.

“It was a slow game,” Wyant said. “It just wasn’t the soccer the team’s capable of playing.”

Despite the outcome of the game, Wyant knew the team tried. They took at least 14 to 15 shots on goal.

Wyant said if they would have played the first half of the game the way they played the second half, the Lady Wolves would have won the game.

This week, the Lady Wolves will play Star Valley on Thursday in Star Valley at 3 p.m. On Saturday, the Lady Wolves wi


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