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By Stephanie Thompson

More county commissioner scholarship applicants needed


March 13, 2019

College is expensive.

This is something that is common knowledge at this point, which is why it’s hard for me to believe the county hasn’t received a lot of applications for its scholarships in the past.

The Sweetwater County Commissioners are once again seeking applications from Sweetwater County high school students who are going to graduate with the class of 2019.

Commissioner Randy Wendling said the Commissioners will give three $1,000 scholarships to three applicants.

Wendling said he was surprised when the commission only received a few applications last year. Even though those applicants were more than qualified to receive the scholarships, he knows there are more students out there who would also qualify and could benefit from the scholarship.

With five high schools in Sweetwater County, they should be receiving more applications.

The application itself is fairly simple and even includes a check list for those applying to complete ensuring the applicant didn’t miss anything that would disqualify them from the process.

The application is three pages long.

It just asks for the applicant’s name, which high school they will graduate from, what activities they are involved in, what jobs they’ve had and any honors of recognitions they have received.

The applicants are also asked to obtain an endorsement from their principal or counselor, attach two letters of recommendation, provide their ACT or SAT scores, attach their high school transcripts and write a brief essay on “What are my goals and how attending college will help me achieve these goals.” They must also meet the deadline of April 5.

The only requirement attached to the scholarship is that the applicant must attend a Wyoming college after graduation.

It seems pretty simple. Most students who have been already applying for scholarships will already have copies of these already.

So why hasn’t there been more applicants?

That’s something the Commissioners are trying to figure out.

“We’re just not getting the message out there,” he said.

In an effort to increase the amount of applicants, Wendling personally visited with all of the high schools in Sweetwater County to tell them about the scholarship.

Those who are interested in applying for the scholarship can obtain an application form from the county’s website


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