By Stephanie Thompson

Students celebrate Valentine's Day


February 20, 2019

Stephanie Thompson

Rayo Williams carefully frosts his heat-shaped cookie with pink and white frosting.

Last Thursday schools across Green River were busy celebrating Valentine's Day with their students.

At Monroe Elementary School, students in kindergarten through fifth grade were busy handing out valentines or participating in some sort of a Valentine's Day activity.

In McKensey Lucero and Kada Alcorn's kindergarten class, children participated in various activities during a station rotation.

Some of the activities the children participated in were handing out valentines, decorating and eating cookies, coloring a paper heart and making a craft.

When it was a group's turn to hand out valentines, they would walk from table to table trying to find the name of the child on the valentines boxes. Some of the boxes looked like they had just come out of the pages of a magazine. Each box was unique and in many cases showed the child's personality.

When a child couldn't find one of the boxes, they would stop and ask another student or one of the teachers for help. During each activity, the children would show each other what they were working on to each other. They would then give each other compliments on the work they were showing each other.

The children continued to enjoy the festivities with their classmates and it was probably one of the highlights of their week.


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