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By David Martin

Property ownership questioned


October 24, 2018

A question submitted to panelists at a candidate forum resulted in warranty deeds filed at the Sweetwater County Courthouse changing ownership of property in Green River.

During the Sweetwater County Assessor’s forum Thursday, panelists received a question from the audience regarding if Sweetwater County Assessor David Divis and his opponent, Republican candidate Perri Rubeck, owned property in Sweetwater County.

One of the requirements to be a county assessor in Wyoming is to own real property within the county they wish to seek election in.

Both Divis and Rubeck said they do, with Divis giving his home address of 135 Pheasant Drive and Rubeck saying he lives at 2690 Alamosa Circle and owns 1410 Uinta Drive.

While Divis is listed as the owner of the 135 Pheasant Drive property, Rubeck wasn’t recorded as the owner of his home until the day after the forum.

Friday morning, a warranty deed was filed at the Sweetwater County Courthouse and ownership of the 2690 Alamosa Circle property shifted from Dennis Mark Rubeck and Debra Lee Rubeck to Dennis Perri Rubeck and Alicia Lee Rubeck.

A similar transaction occurred for property at 425 Evans Drive.

According to county records, 1410 Uinta Drive, the Fish Bowl bowling alley and restaurant is registered under Rubeck Holdings, LLC.

Rubeck Holdings lists 1410 Uinta Drive as its principal office and 857 Burr Drive in Rock Springs as its mailing address, with Darin D. Smith listed as the company’s registered agent. Smith is a Cheyenne-based attorney who made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016.

Rubeck said the transactions were spurred by the question raised in the forum and he wanted to avoid a dispute involving who owned his home or who the owners of Rubeck Holdings are.

“I wanted to take the political gamesmanship out of the equation,” he said.

He said the 2690 Alamosa Drive property was originally purchased jointly by himself and his grandfather Michael John Perri, which was entered into his grandfather’s living trust. Rubeck’s family has lived at the property since 2013 and after his grandfather’s death in 2016, the property remained in the trust, but the properties listed ownership shifted to his parents. Rubeck said he remained part of the trust during that time.

The property ownership requirement has come up earlier this year after then-Sweetwater County Assessor Pat Drinkle retired from her position. One of the three candidates selected by the Sweetwater County Democratic Party, Michele Irwin, had to withdraw her nomination the morning the Sweetwater County Commissioners were set to chose Drinkle’s successor because she did not meet the requirement.


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