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Our View: It's time to reignite the rivalry


September 5, 2018

As the Wolves step out onto the gridiron this season, we know Wolves fans will be treated to great action. However, one thing continues to disappoint is the fact the Wolves won’t face the Tigers from Rock Springs.

Admittedly, this is an old issue as the two football teams haven’t competed against one another in several years. This also is something we’ve written about in the past. The rivalry lives on elsewhere as the two teams clash in every other sport the two high schools compete in. However, not watching the two football teams battle every year under the bright Friday night lights does leave us feeling nostalgic for the Trona Bowls of yesteryear.

While the two teams now exist in separate divisions, we believe an exhibition game between the two could happen. Also, we think the possibility exists to host an end of summer game between the two the week prior to the start of school. Other sports schedules already start before the official start of the school year. The Wolves tennis team started playing Aug. 13 with a match against Powell High School. Football’s “zero week” jamboree with Mountain View High School didn’t take place until Aug. 24. Rock Springs’ first game against Sheridan High School was also the 24th.

A friendly game between the two schools between the 13th and 24th could take place. Beyond that, this hypothetical game could be a fundraising event. Similar to how the basketball teams compete during the schools’ Make-A-Wish fundraiser weeks. There are a number of causes that could benefit from such a game, including the Muley Fanatic Foundation and the Sweetwater County Food Bank.

While we can see the Wolves and Tigers compete in volleyball, basketball and a number of other activities, something is missing when we can’t see the two play against one another in the most popular sport offered in high school athletics. A football game between the two would result in a sellout crowd. That kind of crowd would benefit any organization if the game was done with fundraising in mind.

It’s time the Wolves and the Tigers football teams compete in front of an excited Sweetwater County audience. Hopefully, we’ll see the day when the two can battle it out again.


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