By Dave Dodson
Candidate for U.S. Senate 

Wyoming needs new leadership and ideas


August 15, 2018

Wyomingites have to look no further than 2016 to remember the last time they were asked to vote the Political Party Purity Test over their own interests. Even though Donald Trump had given 38 percent of his donations to Democrats, voted in the Democratic primary in New York for exactly the same reason I did in Massachusetts, and had second homes in blue states, we stood up and voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.

We elected Donald Trump not because he prepared himself since adolescence to be a politician, but because he promised to work hard for us and make our lives better.

He told us to ignore the party establishment and instead do what’s right for ourselves and our children. Initially the Republican Party, which included John Barrasso, begged us not to vote for Donald Trump. After all, he was not part of the club. He hadn’t paid his dues. He refused to kiss the right rings. But we told them no, because we know that the voting booth belongs to us, not them.

Now, I’d like to give you a great reason to vote for me: Jeffery City.

Jeffery City boomed after the discovery of mining. In this case, uranium. The town once supported 4,000 residents. But then uranium busted. Jeffrey City’s empty streets are now populated by pronghorn. Grass grows up through the tarmac, and “no trespassing” is painted on the sides of abandoned buildings. The town sign says the population is 100, but residents told me that number is 24.

When I think of Jeffrey City, I think of Wyoming towns like Rock Springs and Green River. Rock Springs relies on soda ash, also a commodity. We export over half of our soda ash, but China and much of Africa are looking for their own reserves. They will find it someday, and then the world won’t need our soda ash.

Wyoming has for too long mistook negligent economic planning for what was considered an inevitable “boom and bust” cycle. We shrug our shoulders, we let our leaders off the hook and then we re-elect them again and again, rather than insist on more for ourselves. But in 2016 when we elected Donald Trump, we told the establishment it was our turn.

Because while towns like Rock Springs and Green River cross their fingers that their children can find work in state, while our seniors bite their medicine in half to save money, as young families go uninsured, and those nearing retirement wonder if our pensions or social security will be there as promised, like Donald Trump I am being put through the Republican Party Purity Test, instead of asking whether those are problems I might be able to solve.

We might this election ask ourselves whether that test is created to serve us, or them? Because I care quite a lot about the people who live in our state, and I have some ideas on how to fix our problems. Maybe that’s a more important quality for a senator.

That’s the lesson we should take from Jeffery City and the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Because if voters want someone who walks the streets of Jeffery City and worries like crazy about our communities, and has ideas and experience to address our needs, then I’d like your vote. See, I don’t think a parent should choose between rent and health insurance, I don’t think a vet covered under the VA should have to choose between driving to Rock Springs or paying out of pocket.

I don’t think seniors should bite their pills in half to save money, or that our children should leave the state because they want a career instead of a job.

Anyway, that’s the main reason I think you should vote for me.


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