Spirit Ride comes to GR

There’s a new law in place.

As of July 1, Wyoming’s Move Over law has been broadened. Drivers must now move over in the far left lane for maintenance, construction and utilities workers and vehicles, and emergency responders when traveling on Wyoming’s interstates and highways.

Hopefully this is something you already do. It’s more than a courtesy. Anyone who has found themselves stranded on the side of a busy interstate knows how dangerous it can be to get out of your vehicle.

First responders, tow truck operators, and even good samaritans have been run off the road, hit by side mirrors, and sadly, many have been killed by vehicles that do not move over. Add slick winter roads or the dark of night to the mix and the dangers increase.

Even more, responders are focused on saving lives when there’s an emergency. As passersby, moving over and slowing down so they can do their job as safely as possible is the least we can do.

The Spirit Ride is a movement to that is touring the U.S. to honor those who have fallen and promotes awareness of the Move Over law. It includes a “Spirit” casket to pay tribute to first responders who paid the ultimate sacrifice working the white line.

The ceremonial casket is relayed from carrier to carrier across the country in 140 towns.

The “Spirit” began its journey on June 1, 2017, and will be in Green River this Thursday at 11 a.m. on Railroad Avenue.

By the end of 2018, it will have relayed in 300 cities, involving processions of 10,000 tow trucks, fire trucks, EMS and police vehicles.

Come out to honor the fallen, and raise awareness. The Spirit casket will also be on display at the Green River Farmer’s Market Wednesday evening.


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