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Our View: Seeking a Green River welcome


The coming week will be exceptionally busy for Sweetwater County.

In Green River, the Muley Fantatic Foundation will host its first Mansface Mountain Music Festival at Expedition Island starting Friday.

On Saturday, Rock Springs will host its annual International Day celebration in Bunning Park.

Sunday marks the start of the National High School Finals Rodeo at the Sweetwater County Events Complex, which will run through the following week. Those NFHSR events include a shooting competition which will take place in Green River.

Needless to say, there are going to be a lot of visitors coming to the county.

Most weeks when we’re writing editorials for this space, we aim to propose a solution to an issue impacting the area. This week, we’re making a single request to our readers and the residents of Green River.

Be helpful and be courteous.

Green River’s residents are some of the friendliest people a person could hope to run into, so we’re not concerned with residents not extending a warm welcome to people coming into our community.

However, how residents present themselves can make a significant impact on how our visitors perceive Sweetwater County.

Minerals may make up a significant portion of the county’s economy, but tourism is not a small player either. People who have a good time will likely return to the area and recommend Sweetwater County to their friends.

While we can’t say people from the furthest corners of the nation will come back for a long visit, it’s much more likely we could attract folks from the western region to return to Flaming Gorge for a fishing trip or spend more time exploring the area, even if they’re simply passing through.

Yes, events like the Mansface Mountain Music Festival and NHSFR bring people to Sweetwater County, but what’s important is to give them a reason to come back. Part of what brings a person back to a community is a positive experience in the area. One way to accomplish that goal is for residents to welcome these visitors into our community.

We’re excited to see what these and other upcoming events will bring to Sweetwater County, along with the visitors sure to come with them. Being as welcoming as we can to our visitors is a great way to ensure they will want to return to Sweetwater County.


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