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By David Martin

Combatting those typos


Last week, we received an email from Anne Backstrom of Green River, regarding typos appearing in the newspaper. I thought it is an important topic to address, as I can’t deny there hasn’t been a problem with that occurring. What follows is her email, followed by my response:

From Anne Backstrom

On the front page of this week’s paper there is an article by the paper’s editor. My question is: who actually edits and proofreads your paper?

Each week there are numerous misspellings and word omissions. Both of these occurred in your editor’s article and in the wording that accompanied the picture related to the article. Spelling and correct usage of the language should be priorities when publishing a newspaper. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case with your paper. That’s a sad commentary to say the least!

Response to Anne Backstrom

Thank you for your feedback.

Normally, the articles are read once they’re completed, then once more after they’re placed on the page. Stephanie Thompson reads my articles and I read what she writes. Then once the pages are designed, the person who didn’t design the page reads through the content.

Some articles, like the one you mentioned, are written and edited under extreme deadline pressures and unfortunately mistakes slip through sometimes. This is something that annoys me as much as it appears to annoy you. Trust me, nothing can ruin my day faster than seeing a typo appear in an article I worked hard to produce. I know the same is true with Stephanie.

We’re going to continue working to improve the newspaper. There are changes we can make to combat this problem, which I’m fully committed to fix. My goal is to make it a newspaper the people of Green River and Sweetwater County deserve to have.

I want to make it something people look forward to reading every week.

A final note: I plan to use your email in next week’s newspaper, along with this response.

Thank you again for your feed back.


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