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Letter: A call to action


Dear Editor,

This is a shout out to the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church leaders, school fund raising organizers and even the City of Green River.

This is a letter about community. We are a community not only by the physical boundaries we live in, but also a community of good people. We care about our city. We care about our neighbors.

We do care about our neighbors and neighborhoods, but we don’t always have time to lend that extra needed hand. That helping hand when someone, due to health or unforeseen circumstances, can’t care for their property the way they’d like to. They can’t do the job. Their home and property becomes run down.

Not because they don’t care, but because they can’t Many don’t know who to call.

This letter is that call. It’s a shout out to those wanting to help their community. It’s a way to earn a badge in the scouts. It’s a way to help your neighbors, your community. This is a shout out to form a citywide community help crew center I don’t know how to do it. But, I have a feeling that organizers and leaders of various groups can help bring together able-bodied people to form community crews. Perhaps the city, newspapers and social media can create a community crew section. Perhaps the scouts, churches and organizers can have a place to list their names and numbers. Individuals could request help. And perhaps those of us willing to jump into fundraisers can donate to the community crew fund. I’d rather kick in a donation to my community crew than buy a magazine subscription or box of candy.

I hope there are people in our community who might be able to help bring that together. People who need help, people who can help and a place to connect them.

Nedra Runkel

Green River


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