Election sought for Ward 2 seat

Longtime Green River resident and concerned citizen Andrew Morrison has decided to run for the Ward II seat on the Green River City Council.

“I always thought our city government could do more to help make this a better place,” Morrison said.

That’s why he decided to run for the Council.

Morrison has a few reasons as to why he’s running for the Council. One of those being he believes there should be more jobs for kids in the city. He said there seems to be a lot of higher-paying jobs, but not a lot of lower-paying jobs one would find at fast food places for example.

“We need something other than Arctic Circle and McDonald’s,” he said. “Not everybody’s got a bank full of money.”

He said it seems to him that only established businesses get help in this city and he’d like that to change.

One area Morrison is concerned about is the railroad engineers who feel the need to toot the horn in town.

“I’m tired of the railroad engineers blowing their horns through town,” he said. “I’ve been woke up at 2 in the morning. That’s one of my biggest peeves that I’d like to fix.”

Morrison said there are a lot of cities that have laws against railroad engineers excessively blowing the horn in the middle of the night.

Another change Morrison would like to see the city eliminate is some of it’s smaller parks and use that property for businesses or housing.

He said the parks are nice and the city takes care of them, but Morrison said in the summer most of them are vacant. He said kids just aren’t using them.

“Do we really need to spend money on as many of them,” he asked.

As for obtaining land for businesses to locate on, Morrison didn’t understand why the city couldn’t use eminent domain to obtain vacant property for a future business to purchase and locate on.

“The public good should come first,” he said.

Not only is Morrison willing to run for the Council, he has the time to do so.

“I am on disability currently, which means I got a lot of time and I enjoy talking to people,” he said.


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