Chief deputy positions eliminated

A resolution abolishing certain county chief deputy positions was approved by the Sweetwater County Commissioners.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution that will abolish the chief deputy assessor’s position and future chief deputy positions in other offices.

During previous meetings, the Commissioners discussed whether or not to even have chief deputy positions for certain offices including, county clerk, treasurer, assessor and clerk of district court.

At their previous meeting, the Commissioners informed county assessor Dave Divis that the Commissioners would no longer support the position at $85,000.

The Commissioners wanted to make the chief deputy positions like any other county position, which would follow the step and grade system.

The resolution approved by the Commissioners states the chief deputy assessor position will be abolished and a new position called chief appraiser will take its place under the graded and classified compensation plan.

The resolution also states the chief deputies in the respective offices of the county clerk, treasurer and clerk of district court shall retain the title of chief deputy and shall remain compensated that way until those in those positions decide to leave their position. It is a way to grandfather in those who are currently chief deputies. However, once the people in those positions leave, that position will be abolished and a new position created to fall under the county’s step and grade compensation plan.

Chief assessor position

In a separate action, the Commissioners voted to approve a request to fill the chief appraiser position. This position could start at step one and pay grade 15 at $45,844.20, and after certifications are obtained the position could be moved to step two and pay grade 19 at $57,395.42.

However, there was a bit of confusion as to what pay a person applying for the position would receive.

“My concern is I need to be able to know what to offer,” county assessor Dave Divis said.

Human resources director Garry McLean said all of the departments have a base entry-level position and then as an employee gains qualifications and certifications they move to a more qualified pay level. In this case, McLean was simply stating if the person who applied for the position didn’t have any experience, they would start off at a lower grade and step such as grade 15, step one, than someone who had experience who may be paid at the grade 19, step two level.

With this clarification made, the Commissioner made a vote.


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