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Game turns into a competition


Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Terry Wood at first gave her opponent the L for loser sign, but then decided to make a W for winner sign instead

With two $25 Visa gift cards on the line, a game of UNO seemed to become a little more competitive.

At the Golden Hour Senior Center on Friday, activities and marketing coordinator Irish Kreis had a group of 12 woman playing UNO for the chance to win a total of $50 for first place and for second place a bag filled with various items, including a bracelet, notepad and Post It Notes.

Even with prizes on the line, the ladies remained friendly to one another, though at times they would seem to forget how the game was played and a discussion of the rules would ensue.

"I haven't played since the kids were little," Carmen Tune said.

Terry Wood who was at the same table at Tune said she was playing for the fun of it. She said if she was really playing for money, she'd be in trouble.

Kreis said when she arranged the event, she thought "what an easy game to play," but once one gets into it they soon realize not everyone is playing by the same rules. Kreis said it's like any other game, each family comes up with their own set of rules and that's what the players remember. This was happening even with the rules printed and readily accessible.

She said even when she went online to find the rules on the UNO website, it had different rules on how to play the game.

"You've all been playing a little different," she said.

As the winners advanced, those who didn't advance stuck around to play the game again and again.

The consolation table finished first with Cleone Haughey winning the bag. Soon after, the winning table wrapped up its game with Rheta Eychner winning. Both of the ladies made shouts of cheer when they won.

Even though the tournament was over, the groups were still playing UNO and even asked Kreis if they could play it again sometime. Kreis just wanted to know how often they wanted to play it and the group decided once a month. She said she'd get it on the calendar for next month.


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