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Toddler time enjoyed by attendees


April 11, 2018

Star photo by Stephanie Thompson

Jeanette Brett, snatches up her son, James, and twirls him about at the Sweetwater County Library toddler time program Monday morning.

Children, parents and grandparents were all enjoying the Sweetwater County Library's toddler time.

On Monday morning, all gathered around youth services librarian Becky Iwen to "Shake Your Sillies out" before getting into the program. To kick off the program, Iwen sings the song "Shake Your Sillies out." This gives the toddlers one last opportunity to shake that last bit of energy out of their systems before the group moves onto the next part of the program.

Next, the toddlers use a scarf to move up and down and all around. Iwen then encouraged the children to place the scarf on their heads, ears, hands and neck. This is an easy way to start teaching them different body parts in a fun way.

After a few more songs, Iwen read the children two or three story books before giving them a snack and letting them know they could color at the table if they wanted to.

Samantha Shiess, library patron, said this was only the second time she has brought her three sons to toddler time, but she was already thinking about making it a weekly trip.

Shiess, who lives in Rock Springs, says she likes the Green River toddler-time program because it's different than the ones in Rock Springs.

All three of Shiess' children, including her eight-year-old son, Tucker, have special needs and this is a way for them to receive positive interaction with other children. Shiess home schools her children, but wants to make sure they still interact with other children.

"It's the only kind of interaction we can have without melt downs," she said.

Shiess said she knows it's not common for someone as old as Tucker to be at the toddler times, but the library employees and others attending have been supportive and gracious.

"He's a good leader for the other kids," Shiess said.

While Tucker was sitting during the program, he was showing the younger children what to do and how to follow directions.

Shiess and her children not only visit the Sweetwater County Library, but the Rock Springs Library and White Mountain Library.


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